ColourMatch Toilet Seat - Coral now just 5.99 @ Argos

ColourMatch Toilet Seat - Coral now just 5.99 @ Argos

Found 6th Feb 2018
gift for febr 14???

Love your lav! Treat yourself to a fresh new lid with this pretty Coral Toilet Seat from ColourMatch. Made from durable moulded wood with a smooth finish, this modern seat will look great in any bathroom.

  • Made from moulded wood.
  • Aluminium hinge.
  • Fittings included.
  • Adjustable to fit all toilet seats.

other colours slightly more expensive
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Bog standard deal
Do they do it in brown and yellow?
Price came up at £5.99 happy days !
Yup just ordered. Comes up at £5.99.
Thats some cheap sh#t.
BulldogNo16 h, 35 m ago

Do they do it in brown and yellow?

With flecks of red?
Just in time - ordered one - heat added - thank you ;-)
Moulded wood ?
Do they do it in xxxl?
gift for febr 14???

Your Valentine instantly down the pan
The red matches my arse
I had one of these in another colour. They really are terrible. The lateral play on the hinges is just atrocious, the seat goes as much sideways as it does up and down. There is no way to adjust it either, it's just constructed very poorly. If you're lucky you'll get a day's worth of business before it gets too loose to stay on the throne. Really is damn poor, and apologies to OP for posting a cheap seat, but if you buy it you'll see what I mean before long.

Perhaps if you're in the will of your elderly aunt who has osteoporosis it might be okay as a gift.
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