Columbia Outdoor Jackets - Reduced to £29.99

Columbia Outdoor Jackets - Reduced to £29.99

Found 18th Feb 2012Made hot 19th Feb 2012
Columbia Men`s Outdoor Jackets,various colours and sizes. Have fantastic reviews and have been reduced from over £100 to £29.99


Tempted to get the blue one but recently bought a North Face and a Berghaus so the Mrs won't be too pleased!

Are Columbia a decent make?

good deal ta ....


Are Columbia a decent make?


cheers, went for a hoodless one


Chavvy jacket - cold!

Great deal for a very good branded jacket! HEAT!


Chavvy jacket - cold!




Exactly!! ****. Good deal...

Good spot Kelvin thank you

whats wrong with some guys. its not chavvy and its a good make and good quality

i have the hooded one, bought earlier before they reduced the price (gutted) , really warm coat, sizing is a bit smaller than usual, the medium much tighter fit, not as puffy as some jackets, was really warm in the recent cold weather, with just nice base layer underneath. Packs down small, and is very light weight, almost as warm as my down jacket, with advantage none of the bits come out and its a safer bet in the wet, believe if you have aa decent columbia shell you could use inside that as an alternative to the fleece
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Columbia are a great make. Bought a couple of jackets a few years ago when on holiday in USA. Very good quality. I can't see why these would be chavvy at all!

They only go to xl 42" too small for a lot of people.

Thank you! I already have a couple of winter jackets, but I just couldn't resist
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Winter must be over on the Channel Isles, with all these Play warm jacket deals :-)

These are a very good make! I have a pair of walking trousers for the depths of winter and 5 years on the still keep me warm and dry. I stumbled on them by chance in a walking store in York, they were over £100 reduced to £10!!!! Was the middle of summer mind... But even so. I am going to buy myself a jacket for this price

Great Columbia offers on Play at the moment.

Bought the black one all the red sizes appear to have gone. Black hooded and black and blue hoodless still available

Just bought the back one as a gift - what is this chav talk about? Idiots assuming the cheap price and deal means chav status mi thinks!! Ta for the find

Not overly keen on the colour, but I went for a Black Columbia Men's Access Point Shell Jacket. If its anything like the previous Columbia coat I bought years ago it will be a bargain for £32.99.

Black hoodless jacket arrived today by courier. V.quick.
Very light, nice fit, I am usually a medium and the medium fits just fine. Randomly it has a metallic lining and it has given out two electric shocks so far!

ordered 3 jackets (2 men, 1 women) only received 2 items today. sent them an email to ask where is the missing item

I actually tried to cancel mine shortly after ordering in the morning on the 19th and was told it was in progress despite it saying waiting for payment clearance which could be 24hrs and getting a dispatch email at 5pm next day. Either they have a slow notification system or the guy was lying to me.

Good jacket but would prefer olive green or blue.
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