Columbo: Complete Season 1-8: 26dvd: Box Set £44.99 del @ HMV
Columbo: Complete Season 1-8: 26dvd: Box Set £44.99 del @ HMV

Columbo: Complete Season 1-8: 26dvd: Box Set £44.99 del @ HMV

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One of the most famous detectives to ever hit the television screen, COLUMBO (Peter Falk) has become an iconic character in popular culture. Forever clad in a raincoat and chomping a cigar, the dishevelled Columbo seems as scatterbrained as his appearance would suggest. However, even when it appears that his investigation is going nowhere, Columbo's keen mind is absorbing details and clues, until finally he reveals that he knows everything that's happened. Each episode opens with a murder, followed by Columbo's investigation, and finally his revelation of how he put the events together. COLUMBO became popular and famous for its clever dramatic structure and Peter Falk's winning portrayal of the detective. Features series one to eight of the show.


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SEASON ONE (6 discs)
Murder by the book
Death lends a hand
Dead weight
Suitable for framing
Lady in waiting
Short fuse
Blueprint for murder
Prescription: Murder (pilot 1, bonus)
Ransom for a dead man (pilot 2, bonus)

SEASON TWO (4 discs)
Etude in black
The greenhouse jungle
The most crucial game
Dagger of the mind
Requiem for a falling star
A stitch in crime
The most dangerous match
Double shock

SEASON THREE (4 discs)
Lovely but lethal
Any old port in a storm
Candidate for crime
Double exposure
Publish or perish
Mind over mayhem
Swan song
A friend in deed

SEASON FOUR (3 discs)
An exercise in fatality
Negative reaction
By dawn's early light
Troubled waters
A deadly state of mind
Mrs. Columbo - a riddle for puppets (bonus)

SEASON FIVE (3 discs)
Forgotten lady
A case of immunity
Identity crisis
A matter of honour
Now you see him...
Last salute to the commodore
Mrs. Columbo: caviar with everything (bonus)

SEASON SIX & SEVEN (3 discs)
Fade into murder
Old fashioned murder
The bye-bye sky high I.Q. murder case
Try and catch me
How to dial a murder
Murder under glass
The conspirators
Make me a perfect murder

SEASON EIGHT (2 discs)
Columbo goes to the guillotine
Murder, smoke and shadows
Sex and the married detective
Grand deceptions

Oh, and just more thing...

Amazon review:

"Basically you get a box which contains 13 plain black card sleeves just loose in the box. Inside these sleeves are the discs, mostly 2 discs per sleeve. The sleeves are just like the ones you get with a free cd/dvd from a newspaper/magazine. Only even worse because none of the sleeves has ANY writing on that enables you to distinguish between them. No episode listings, nothing that says what the sleeve contains, not even so much as the word "Columbo" on them! In short, the packaging is only fit for the bin so have a dvd folder ready to put the 25 discs in. "

Personally. I think all true afficianados will, like me, be better off watching for a good price on the recently released "cigar box" version. Its been £63ish so should hopefully not be too long till it drops to around this price.

i find this so repetitive :?


i find this so repetitive :?

Mebbe thats what attracts people?

I for one, class this amongst my "feelgood" programmes/movies. It takes me back to times that were more relaxed, I had no worries and life was simpler all round.

Ermmm this used to go for £32 or so last year. HMV never really dropped its price. HMV has been at this price for months.

On the downside the boxset 1-11 is 64.95 on dvd and base.com. So £20 more gets you the entire boxset.

Voting cold as its not the complete boxsett and price is 33% more than last year.

Its down to £39.99. Guess they just are not shifting it. Still over priced in my view compared to last years price!
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