Columbo : Complete Seasons 1-8 (25 DVD Box set) - now £30.95 delivered @ Zavvi !

Columbo : Complete Seasons 1-8 (25 DVD Box set) - now £30.95 delivered @ Zavvi !

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* Just add the box set to basket for this price *

Absolutely brilliant show IMO

This 25 disc box set features all 47 episodes from season 1 to season 8

One of the most famous detectives to ever hit the television screen, COLUMBO (Peter Falk) has become an iconic character in popular culture. Forever clad in a raincoat and chomping a cigar, the dishevelled Columbo seems as scatterbrained as his appearance would suggest. However, even when it appears that his investigation is going nowhere, Columbo's keen mind is absorbing details and clues, until finally he reveals that he knows everything that's happened. Each episode opens with a murder, followed by Columbo's investigation, and finally his revelation of how he put the events together. COLUMBO became popular and famous for its clever dramatic structure and Peter Falk's winning portrayal of the detective. Features series one to eight of the show.


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Hot..ordered. Brilliant show.

Just one more thing.... 4% Quidco methinks..??

I must get this.

My wife, you see. She loves it, she really does.


He was one of the best! (Peter Falk I think is no longer with us)

He's still with us, though getting quite old.

paid £50 for this at xmas - hot




Until you add it to the basket. :thumbsup:

Great price for this and I quickly snapped it up - only to cancel a few minutes later.

There's previously been a seaons 1-4 boxset and a 1-7 boxset. There were 11 seasons in total plus the specials, so I'll wait for COMPLETE COLUMBO...

Thats a great price!!!

I just noticed a lot of places are now doing this for around 34-35 quid. Price must of come down during last week or so. Still £30.95 is a good price.

I suspect we will get a boxset 1-9 1-10 and 1-11 before we get the final boxset.

Still thats many hours of tv to watch!!!
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