Columbo Series 1-7 - £31.99 @ HMV

Columbo Series 1-7 - £31.99 @ HMV

Found 19th Sep 2008
Columbo series 1-7 on DVD


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Next cheapest is Zavvi at £34.99. Add to this Quidco and your below £30.

Cheapest for series 1-8 is around £49. Either way this is a bargain.

great series, but... he always gets them in the end.

I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks.

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With quidco at 7% it takes it to £29.76. Sorry for missing retailer and price on tagline.

I did think this would fall to £30ish when they had their sale on.

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Instore price at my local HMV today is £35 on the sale. My local store only had one copy on the shelf. Was tempted but 3 quid and quidco makes more sense.

I wouldn't buy this myself, but this is a great price.

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HMV seem to have taken it off their sale. (might be a few day thing.

Amazon now have it at 31.98. They do seem to follow HMV pricing so i dont think this will last.

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Both HMV and Amazon are now charging full price for this. HMV 59.99 and Amazon nearly 48 quid.

I didnt know Amazon watched HMV pricing so much!!!

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Must of been a blip on the HMV site. its back at 31.99 today. Watch the Amazon price dive in next few days. Hehe

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Shock horror Amazon price is 31.99 too.
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