Columbo - The Complete Series £63.49 @

Columbo - The Complete Series £63.49 @

Found 4th Dec 2009

This is the detective series that inspired them all. Legendary actor Peter Falk stars in his 4-time Emmy Award winning role, as the ruffled, cigarchomping, trenchcoat-wearing police lieutenant who is asking all the right questions in the complete collection of Columbo. This 35 disc box set features every episode of the series and also includes 2 bonus episodes with Mrs. Columbo and 2 series pilots.

RRP: £129.99 HMV, £94.95 Zavvi, £88.98 Amazon


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you're right there sorry!
Great price.

Love Columbo but.... Just one more question

This deal posted for the full boxset is a very good price compared to elsewhere

An alternative different Set it only contains Columbo Series 1-8 (25 discs) but good value at £34.97 available at Argos ]here if looking for a cheaper alternative

"Heat" from me.

Loving the Cigar Box packaging

Image taken from the other (later) ]deal listing for the same item at sister site,


As I commented just the other day in the "]Monk Seasons Complete 1-6 [DVD] £24.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon" listing, can you imagine how epic a one-off movie would be with both Columbo & Monk on the same case?

Such a shame Peter Falk is now suffering with dementia & Alzheimers Disease.



Its 63.79 at Amazon for only 30p more and a few nectar points! Still a great deal from either company. I think and base do quidco?

The last boxset for series 1-8 went down to 30 or so quid. Is the final 2-3 series worth the extra £30? The cigar box is nice but its an awful lot of dvds to watch!!

I think this price has a bit further to fall really. Overall 2hrs on a Sunday for me on ITV1 is enough for me.

Overall the price is £30 cheaper than most places so I will vote hot for now.

Thanks for this, have ordered one as a present to myself. I did go online to buy it from Amazon but they've hiked the price up to around £88 so was really pleased to see this thread.

That's my weekend afternoon movies sorted for a few weeks :-)

Its now 64.49. So a quid more. Not sure if price can be updated. Still a good price on here.
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