Come and See aka: Idi I Smotri DVD

Come and See aka: Idi I Smotri DVD

Found 23rd Aug 2010
Region 2
Running Time: 140 minutes
Production Year: 1985

QUOTE-"Like war, this film has no saving graces. It is one of the most horrific films about war ever made. There is no Girl in the Red Dress of Schindler's Lists, there is no tear-jerking refusal to kill of DeNiro's character in The Deer Hunter. The Nazis kill Soviets because they are less than cattle. As in truth, no atrocity is beyond this film. And rightly so, this is war at its worst and should be watched, even if - at times - it is almost impossible to stand the horror."
A shocking and masterful account of man's inhumanity to humanity.

Special Features:

Preface By Director, Interviews With Alexei Kravchenko And Production Designer Victor Petrov, Chronicles 1 And 2 Featuring Archive Newsreel Footage, Filmographies, Photo Album


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Come and See

This really is a very special movie. You've probably never heard of it, but I've never known anyone who wasn't blown away by watching it.

truly awesome film, tho isnt for the faint hearted

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Very true comments, once you have watched this war film it is one you wont forget.

Hailed as one of the greatest war films ever made, this is a … Hailed as one of the greatest war films ever made, this is a hallucinatory cinematic experience that does for World War II what Apocalypse Now did for the Vietnamese conflict. The film also includes some of the most frighteningly realistic battle scenes ever committed to celluloid, thanks to Klimov's insistence on using live ammunition during filming to ensure maximum authenticity.

Good movie!
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