COMET Price Promise

COMET Price Promise

Found 6th Feb 2007
There was an earlier post from a guy named NDURVE and a lot of people found it was with regards a 30 day price promise offered by Amazon. Similarly to that, COMET also offer the same idea but capped at 14 days rather than the 30.

This is applicable both to instore or online purchases and the policy can be seen at:…=no

I know that the link above says the line "at a store within 10 miles..." but it also applies to both their own and also competitor websites that they list (this includes Currys, Argos, John Lewis, PC World, and Tesco to name a few).

I purchased my TV from them in December 2005 and it dropped by £400 in the January Sales (on Dixons website, Comet website was £350 cheaper). I emailed them and they checked the price there and then, confirmed stock and immediately CR money back onto my account.

I have to say that they were great about it and did not put up any kind of barriers to get it refunded...the best part is that it is a 14 day price promise is also against competitors rather than just themselves...obviously a big plus if you are wanting that big TV, get it before the sales start to ensure you get it and then just watch the price drop. If there is no stock at Comet but their price IS cheaper than you paid then you still get the refund!

Hope you guys find it useful...I certainly did!

- planet2sky
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Thanks for the post, but when you copied this over: ]http//ww…=no it has part of the link missing [where the three ...'s are].
SORRY...only second post (lol)...hopefully this takes you there!…=no
Thanks That's the one ;-)
"Please note, prices are not guaranteed against other online electrical retailers, since no-one matches Comet’s full range of services. We will not match prices offered by Warehouse clubs or any retail club requiring membership, nor any short term or voucher promotions either online or in store."

Seems to be their catch all, get out of jail free card

Must admit when I tried to get a better price at my local comet a few years back I got no joy - their telesales were quite helpful though but did only after umming and ahhing and calling me back after getting 'management clearance' for the deal - sounded more like used car sales than an electrical retailer :giggle:
No I think the main point is their own price drops, like the Amazon price promise If it drops in the 14 days, they should refund the difference?
Ah, I see what you mean.:thumbsup:

Yeah that sounds good - I do get annoyed when I see the price of a product less the week after I purchase.

You can get this type of guarantee at almost any store that offers a 14/28 day no quibble return policy (B&Q offer a 90 day return policy) by buying another product at the lower price and returning it with the old receipt - not so easy when it's a fridge/freezer or a 42" TV though
I just saw that bit about their competitors which is a new thing from before...comet part still works tho.

assumed it was still the same from when i used it (which you can see from my orig post was a while back).
If you purchase online all your details are saved so you only need to speak with them over the phone, get the price you paid and the new price confirmed and then the refund goes directly onto your card you paid with.

If you buy instore you should only need to take in your receipt and it is refunded to the card you paid with then.

Fortunately there is no second purchases required to take advantage of this price promise (which is handy when you're talking about products in excess of a grand!). Don't think my bank manager would enjoy seeing 2 large transactions like that, even if 1 was being refunded soon after. :))
What about when they offer a web exclusive price compared to their own store price. Could you get the store to match the price?
Comet are scum. Gallows corner tried to strong-arm me out of the store when I asked them to rpice-match an item they were selling for 80% more than their competitors. Gallows Corner, avoid! The biggest bunch of unfriendly, unhelpful, low-brow maggots you could ever hope not to meet.

What about when they offer a web exclusive price compared to their own … What about when they offer a web exclusive price compared to their own store price. Could you get the store to match the price?

Generally they will match their web price instore. I used to work for Currys and we always matched our web price if the customer had a print out of the item. We even matched it even if they didn't if it ment closing a sale, there's no way you'd let that comimssion walk out the door.
Currys offer the same 14 day price drop promise
I used to work for comet and stores will price match other store prices as long as its the same item but don't think the store matches internet prices, including there own, well they never used to anyway.

What about when they offer a web exclusive price compared to their own … What about when they offer a web exclusive price compared to their own store price. Could you get the store to match the price?

Yes you can. Take a copy of the price into the store.
This was my post about a 32 lcd tv.

First post. been about looking for some time.
I brought this tv last week from currys, Had to use currys because i had vouchers.
I got them to price match Empire Direct which was £697 at the time. Was £799 in store.
Then after i got home i found it for £659 from k.k electronics.
So went back the next day and got it priced matched again with out even takeing the tv back + 10% off. So i got it for £635.

Just found it for £639.95 inc delivery. So with a price match + 10% it would be £624.05 i think.…497

Just got a £10 refund from Comet after the fridge we reserved online and collected in store last weekend reduced by that amount in the last few days. I wrote to them using their online 'ask a question' facility, and got a reply within 24 hours confirming that as well as local (within 10 miles) in-store price matching, they will also price match the following websites.
Very useful Thanks for the info Robbo11.
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