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Comfort Ultimate Care Fuchsia Passion conditioner - 6 x 58 (870ml) wash bottles. 348 washes in total - £12 @ Amazon

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My 6 bottles arrived this morning. Works out at £2 per bottle. Dispatched within 1 to 3 weeks from Amazon

Comfort Ultimate Care Fuchsia Passion bottle made of 100% recycled plastic* Ultra-Concentrated Fabric Conditioner for complete clothes protection 58 Wash 870 ml pack of 6 (348 washes in total)

I have purchased these in the last month and it was delivered today and I received 6 bottles. If you read the recent reviews they all state that you get 6 bottles

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  • Comfort Ultimate Care Fuchsia Passion Ultra-Concentrated Fabric Conditioner provides complete clothes protection, which you'll enjoy for longer with this multi-pack – up to 348 washes in total
  • Our Ultimate Care fabric conditioner contains a revolutionary PRO-FIBRE technology which penetrates deep down between the fibres of your clothes and helps protect them from damage caused by washing
  • Comfort Fabric Conditioner helps to protect fibres, lock colours and retain shape in your clothes
  • This Fuchsia Passion Fabric Softener leaves your clothes with a gorgeous long-lasting fragrance, combining red fruit, sweet jasmine blossoms and vanilla notes
  • The bottle of this Comfort fabric conditioner is made of 100% recycled plastic*
  • Comfort Ultimate Care Fuchsia Passion Fabric Conditioner is ultra-concentrated – this means you only need a small dose of this fabric softener to help protect your clothes

Complete clothes protection Comfort Fuchsia Passion Ultimate Care Fabric Conditioner helps to protect fibres, locks in colour and helps clothes retain their shape, so they look and feel like new for longer.

Pro-fibre technology Our Ultimate Care fabric conditioner contains a revolutionary Pro-fibre technology, penetrating deep down between fibres to help protect clothes from damage caused by washing.

Sensual scent Fuchsia Passion features a rich, long lasting fragrance combining brilliant bursts of red fruit, sweet jasmine blossoms and divine hints of vanilla. Add alongside your laundry detergent for a fragrance so gorgeous you'll forget it's your fabric conditioner.

Our heritage Comfort is the original fabric conditioner in the UK and has been caring for clothes for over 50 years. #LongLiveClothes

Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Can't be shipped to my address
    Same here , never had that before , live in the West Midlands lol
  2. Avatar
    Be patient if you order these. I'm still waiting for my order on 6th February
    Probably out of stock due to valentines day
  3. Avatar
    I ordered these the last time they were up for £11.59, still not been delivered, due date keeps extending :/
    Same here
  4. Avatar
    Can't be delivered to my address, tried my husbands account and no problem ...we live in the same house! Strange
  5. Avatar
    It's showing £3.00 for me at Tesco with Clubcard
  6. Avatar
    cannot be delivered in Greater London hehehe
  7. Avatar
    I find these ultra concentrated ones just clog up the dosing drawer in my washing machine as they are too thick. Been using the Amazon Presto brand instead which works out at just over £10 for 360 washes on S&S (edited)
    That explains why mine was clogging up as well. Its too thick for the dosing drawer
  8. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
  9. Avatar
    Ordered thank you
  10. Avatar
    Ordered two lots, cheers
  11. Avatar
    Can’t be delivered to my address
  12. Avatar
    I guess the long wait for most items and cant deliver to my address are because Amazon workers have been and maybe still are on strike.
  13. Avatar
    No delivery to Belfast.
  14. Avatar
    Can’t be delivered to me either or my daughters addresses. First time this has happened. Other sellers available at £12.49 here (edited)
    Those are smaller 36 wash bottles, not 58 as I posted here (edited)
  15. Avatar
    So cheap because they literally can't deliver it to half the country. Must be select depos only. Cold from me, essentially becomes bait if you can't order it.
  16. Avatar
    Can't be shipped to my address either
  17. Avatar
    I have 2 addresses, London and Milton Keynes yet they can't be delivered to any one of them. Weird..
  18. Avatar
    Can't deliver to my address
  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
    Currently unavailable now