Comic Strip - Complete (Box Set) - £17.95 or less

Comic Strip - Complete (Box Set) - £17.95 or less

Found 4th Sep 2006
This fantastic box set contains all the Comic Strips efforts including 'Didn't You Kill My Brother', 'A fistful Of Travellers Cheques', 'Bad News' and many more classics.

1. Five Go Mad In Dorset (1982) 2. War (1983) 3. The Beat Generation (1983) 4. Bad News Tour (1983) 5. Summer School (1983)6. Five Go Mad On Mescalin (1983) 7. Dirty Movie (1984) 8. Susie (1984) 9. A Fistful Of Travellers Cheques (1984) 10. Gino - Full Story and Pics 1984) 11. Eddie Monsoon- A Life? (1984)12. Slags (1984) 13. The Bullshitters (1984)14. The Supergrass (1984)15. Consuela (1986) 16. Private Enterprise (1986)17. The Strike (1988) 18. More Bad News (1988)19. Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (1988)20. The Yob (1988) 21. Didn't You Kill My Brother? (1988)22. Funseekers (1988)23. South Atlantic Raiders (1990)24. South Atlantic Raiders Part II (1990)25. GLC (1990)26. Oxford (1990)27. Spaghetti Hoops (1990)28. Les Dogs (1990)29. Red Nose Of Courage (1992)30. The Crying Game (1992)31. Wild Turkey (1992)32. Detectives On The Edge Of A (1993)33. Space Virgins From Planet Sex (1993)34. Queen Of The Wild Frontier (1993)35. Gregory - Diary of a Nutcase (1993)36. Demonella (1993)37. Jealousy (1993) 38. Four Men In a Car (1998)39. Four Men In a Plane (2000)

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Excellent deal!

It's also available at BlahDVD and for the same price.

If you're a new customer you can sign up for BlahDVD and get a voucher for £2 off £10, taking this down to £15.99, plus 5% Quidco, making it potentially £15.19!!…410

excellent find....didn't realise they had made so many episodes....can get rid of my vhs videos

Worth it for Bad News alone! Fantastic post

Thanks for this centurion.:thumbsup:
and thanks to bristoldeal for the reminder about Blah.Registered and bought for £15.99.:thumbsup:
First class deal for a classic series and 9 discs to boot,making the deal less than £1.70 per disc after Quidco cashback.;-)
Edit:voted +:thumbsup:

Superb call, thanks for the deal. vote+



excellent find....didn't realise they had made so many episodes....can … excellent find....didn't realise they had made so many episodes....can get rid of my vhs videos

LOL torby.Spotted your deliberate mistake earlier.Replacing dvd's with dvd's :confused:.:lol:
Was a bit confused when i read it,but the edit cleared it up.:wink:

loved these....forgot all about them too until i saw this post....nice one :thumbsup:

Another great deal Thanks centurion^

Please vote on ALL deals and leave reputation where it's due Thanks!

Thanks centurion - I looked at this box set a couple of months ago but winced at the price tag in HMV!
Ordered mine tonight! karma deserved:)

[SIZE=2]My Patience has been rewarded, ordered on 5th Sept and got mine today! Paid the £15.99 (and already got the 80p from Quidco) good for Blah I say.[/SIZE]

25.95 @ and 39.99 @ BlahDVD and

Bought it and watched a few things then sold it for £20. Not bad!

Now back at 17.99 at blah



Thanks for this lurka.Perhaps you should start a new thread on this as this deal post is expired and at a different retailer.:)

Good idea bazr Thanks for the pointer lurka ;-)
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