Coming to America £1 (poundland)
Coming to America £1 (poundland)

Coming to America £1 (poundland)

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Classic film Coming to America with Eddie Murphy

Got this from the Manchester Arndale - maybe nationwide? not sure but might be worth a look if anyone is in a store.


love this film... hot from me

From the days when Eddie Murphy was funny.:D

At £1 this is hot for sure... if you can find it

I'm still looking for Zombie Strippers :lol:

love this film, lets hope poundland get trading places next

classic, buy it if only for the sexual chocolate scene

"the royal pen15 is clean, your Highness" lol
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I love this film.

Classic film, amazing value at £1

Good Morning My Neighbours !!

Brilliant film!

For a £1......classic film, have some heat

Worth it for the tatties at the start

"The royal **** is clean your highness!"

The old blokes in the barbers are the best. "hey, it's Kunta Kinti".

"Donations, Donations"

classic film

Classic..hot from me.

poundland never have dvd films where I am.

love that film lol

Just let your soul glow!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you letting it get to 16 comments before someone said it

Classic early Samuel L Jackson scene too in the 'Mc Dowell's' restaurant.

"Who the **** is this ****?"

this is a amazing "feel good" movie.

Really worth watching.

Amazing film!

well no one else has said it so here goes "theres a LORDAA somewhere" definate heat

funny as hell - heat added

fantastic film a bargain


"Donations, Donations"classic film

"I thought it was the trash!!"

Wicked film!


this film is full of classic lines!!

This is my band... Sexual Chocolate

Great film, total bargin!!

One of the most entertaining movie ever made, a pound is amazing value for this masterpiece! Why can't they make movies like this any more.

And Darth Vader is Akim's (?) father!!!

what a voice.

"YES!...F*** ME!"

LOL! Quality for Eddie Murphy - classic film gold.

Original Poster

Lol. Actually just watched it, i forgot all about the trading places scene where he hands 2 tramps (randolph and mortimer) a bag full of cash........... Quality!

haha was thinking of this film other day

'where in america can we find women worthy of a king'

'hmm.... queens'

very good deal, one of my top 5 movies of all time

"Freeze you diseased rhinoceros pizzle!!!"




Good Morning My Neighbours !!

Hey, **** you!

One of my fav bits is always when hes getting bathed by the hotties near the start and one pops up saying the Royal **** is washed or like. God Ive always wanted to be bathed like that every day!

And one of the girls in that scene became an American porn star

"Just let your soul glow, just let it shine through, just let your soouul glow baby, feel it al so silky smooth, just let it shine through, just let your soooooouuuuul glow. *Deep Barry White voice* Soul Glo"

Just at a party two weeks ago i was drunk as anything got on the DJ mike and shouted out sexual Chocolate while stamping my leg...Everyone couldn't stop laughing.Classic film.

I just hope my Poundland actually has this because I must have it for a quid!

Classic - X)
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