comixology spider-man masterworks sale 17 volumes £2.49 each

comixology spider-man masterworks sale 17 volumes £2.49 each

Found 18th Oct 2016
ive just bought all 17 volumes for around £42 ive got the first 180 issues of spiderman i cant believe made up. i don't know how long sale is on for


For people who haven't used this company before, these are digital downloads.

Great deal for this classic material.

Can't decide? Me either. I'm making notes - presenting here in case it helps :

Based on fan-faves and various lists, the big ones to get would be MW13 for the single most pivotal moment in Spidey's post-bite life, MW4 for having 2 of the greatest Lee/Ditko (mostly Ditko :D) era moments, MW1 for the origin.

Also, what you won't get in here are things like anything Venom, that one where he fights Juggernaut, the Coming Home arc where the dude from Farscape made Spidey's powers all mystical (if you're on the ball you got this for £3 in hardback recently as issue 1 of the current marvel graphic novel partwork in newsagents), Kraven's Last Hunt, Superior Spiderman or his centre-stage performance in Civil War.

MW1 - Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance) and Amazing Spiderman (1963) #1-10 (13 pages that cover everything from the bite through to "With great power…", then the First appearance of J Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle! Doc Ock! Sandman! Vulture! Electro! Cameo from Fantastic Four and Human Torch!)

MW2 - Amazing Spiderman #11-19 and Annual 1 (First appearance of the Green Goblin! Cameo from Daredevil and Hulk! The Sinister Six!)

MW3 - Amazing Spiderman #20-30 and Annual 2 (Green Goblin, Molten Man, Vulture and Scorpion, with cameos from Dr Strange and Human Torch)

MW4 - Amazing Spiderman #31-40 - includes classic spidey tale "If this be my destiny", considered the template for ALL spiderman stories and Ditko's finest hour (both as writer and artist - Stan just filled in a few bubbles here and there). Also "How Green is my Goblin" where GG unveil's Parker and in turn is revealed to be Norman Osbourne (Spoiler!) Plus Peter goes to college! Peter meets Gwen and Harry! And the terrifying A Guy Named Joe!

MW5 - Amazing Spiderman #41-50 + Annual #3 - MJ! "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot"! Parker gets a motorbike! Lizard! Kraven! Vulture! Kingpin! Meet Rhino and the Shocker! Includes classic "Spider No More" with the dustbin shot.

MW6 - Amazing Spiderman #51-61 + Annual #4 - Spider Slayer! Captain Stacey (don't get too attached)! Ka-Zar!

MW7 - Spectacular Spiderman #1-2, Amazing Spiderman #62-67, Annual #5 - Mysterio! Medusa! Red Skull! And the origin of Peter Parker's Parents…?

MW8 - Amazing Spiderman #68-77, Marvel Super Heroes #14 - Quicksilver! The Saga of the Stone Tablet!

MW9 - Amazing Spiderman #78-87 - Prowler! Black Widow's first appearance in her slinky spy suit! Vanessa Fisk! Chameleon! The Kangaroo! The Cobbler! (I made one of them up, but only one). Loss of powers!

MW10 - Amazing Spiderman #88-99 - Doc Ock is back! The reason you shouldn't have gotten attached to Captain Stacey in Masterworks 6! Iceman! Sam Bullit! Harry's on drugs!

MW11 - Amazing Spiderman #100-109 - Spidey does his Vishnu impression! The Savage Land! First appearance of Morbius! Gwen Stacy in a bikini! Spidey goes to Vietnam! John Romita's favourite run on Spiderman.

MW12 - Amazing Spiderman #110-120 - The Gibbon! Gwen and Aunt May argue! Hammerhead! A brawl with the Hulk!

MW13 - Amazing Spiderman #121-131 - Goblin is back! First appearance of The Punisher! The Jackal! Human Torch builds a Spidermobile! Aunt May marries Doc Ock (see MW12 for lead up)! And…uh… let's just say that MJ won't have as much competition in Masterworks 14?

MW14 - Amazing Spiderman #132-142 - Harry takes on his father's mantle! First appearance of Tarantula! Mindworm! Grizzly!

MW15 -Amazing Spiderman #143-155 - back before Marvel started to take the ****, this was a good idea : Spidey Clones! (The story kicked off in MW14, issue #139) - Curse you, Jackal! Also Spidey wrestles with himself but not in the guilt-ridden soul-searching way you've come to expect. And gets the shift from MJ!

MW16 - Amazing Spiderman #156-168 - Ghost of Hammerhead! A GHOST! Also Night Crawler, Dinosaurs, the Spidermobile gets car-jacked…

MW17 - Amazing Spiderman #169-180, Annual 11, Nova #12, Marvel Treasury #14 - Spidey unmasked! Dr Faustus! Nova team up! Rocket Racer! Silvermane!

Now go get 'em, Tiger!

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i couldn't decide so i bought them all now cant to decide whether to sell my spiderman marvel omnibus vol1 and ive got volume 2 coming end of this month waited over 2 years for reprint and marvel have just announced volume 3 head is now officially blown
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