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Free Digital Comics @ Comixology
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Lots of wonderful comics for free available on Comixology - usually they cost £1.79 to £1.49 Rise Of The Black Panther - Book 1 The Invincible IronMan - Book 1 … Read more
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Some good prices on the ones that aren't free too. Just got lucifer book 1 for £2.99


Thank you very much :D


Lol.... added 98 comics, only to find out that I already have all but 7 :-D. Luckily the process to add into basket is so easy. Thanks op


You have a point - a fair point :)


Calling these books might be overselling them a bit. Issues might be better.

Free Night Of The Living Dead digital comics @ Comixology
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
For you zombie fans, some free Night Of The Living Dead digital comics for free, courtesy of Avatar Comics. The 6-part Plague Of The Living Dead mini-series: https://www.comi… Read more

Not "Night" though is it?


Also for Kindle:


Thanks OP, that's tonight's reading sorted!


Great stuff, heat!


No Brainer! ;)

DC Nation #1 monthly digital magazine - DC Nation (2018-), ISSUE #0 - ISSUE #6, free, at Comixology
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
DC Nation #1 monthly digital magazine - DC Nation (2018-), ISSUE #0 - ISSUE #6, free, at Comixology. DC Nation (2018-) ISSUE #0… Read more

Sweeeeeet, not for me (but for something else perhaps?). :-D So thanx anyway.


Not talking up my own deal or anything but if you see anything you like in these freebies DC have a BOGOF sale on:


Cheers (y)


Hahahahahahahaha, thanx, and your welcome.


You got my support amour3k (y)

Red Thorn collection on sale £2.99 at Comixology!
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Red Thorn is the best Vertigo comic of the last ten years and I've been waiting SO long for it to go on sale digitally! It never seems to be included in the online Vertigo sales..… Read more
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well I have about 30 items in my cart, now including this, can afford about half, but it's in the running, lol


The guy in my comic shop sold it to me as Trainspotting meets Sandman. Dunno how accurate that is too be honest, it's kinda different to both. It's very like old school Vertigo, if you know what I mean? Awesome anyway. I promise!


Bought these as single floppies, then bought the trades. Feel I should get these as well for ease of portability. Cheers for posting :)


seen this about but never read it, is there anything this is comparable to?


Thank you very much! (I've been a member for ages, and vote every day, but this is the first deal I've ever posted myself. it feels really good - I'll be doing it again!)

Comixology (Digital Comics) - DC Buy One, Get One Free Sale
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
I've repurposed the old deal because, as predicted by Daft_Aider, DC have done a BOGOF sale again and £5.24 - 5.74 GNs are cheaper in this sale than the £2.99 one.

Yeah, done those as well. :-) Batman is a great source for standalone stories.


Dark Victory? Year One?


Thanks, I've read Dark Knight Returns and Long Halloween, but missed Askham Asylum.


Thanks, I've read All Star Superman and The Nail, but I'll check out Jsa the golden age.


Cheers, am a regular 'Batman' reader so most of this is covered, but will check out the others. Enjoy 'Sweet Tooth' so will have a look at 'The Terrifics'.

Free Image digital comics at Comixology (please read description; also Kindle)
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
There are currently around 20 free Image Comics available for free pre-order at Comixology. Not sure how long this will last so if you want them, get them now. To get the issues, … Read more

Just be mindful that the majority of them are not issue 1's.


Good find :)


Good spot


Quite a few of the titles of these free titles are also available for Kindle from (this page on):,n:!1025612,n:274081,n:274111,n:274114,p_n_binding_browse-bin:368165031&page=6&bbn=274114&sort=price-asc-rank&ie=UTF8&qid=1540654270&lo=stripbooks

Comixology (digital comics)  - Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad: Rebirth Deluxe Editions Books 1 and 2 £3.99 each
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
That's four of the double sized Deluxe editions in this week's Joker/Harley sale.… Read more

Great deal. The first year of suicide squad is drawn by Jim Lee who is an industry legend. Not to mention John Rotima Jr and Tony Daniel who are also comic artist royalty.

Comixology (digital comics) - Batman: The Rebirth  and Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Editions Book 1 and 2 £3.99 each
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
Looks like Comixology have been a bit overenthusiastic with their Batman Day sale and have included four Deluxe Editions which collect two standard collected editions each. https… Read more

For me the par price for a DC sale is £2.99 for a 6 issue book so I usually wait for the line wide sales. I also found some value in the recent 60% off sale but 50% off and BOGOF are a waste of time. I've been hanging fire a bit because of the launch of the DC Universe app (currently US only) but it seems like it doesn't have many new comics yet.


Theres Quite a few other Batman books on sale with 83% off folks, really good ones like hush etc Happy Batman day They often sell books like this quite cheaply, remember last years 90% off Marvel deals through amazon? I bought a ton of books with 500+ pages for silly prices like £1.99, and this year earlier in year I had newer books for 99p, but yeah D.C only ever had 80% off never the full 90% this year there has been a lot of D.C at 80% off every few months, good way to build up a decent collection, good spot OP I like getting as many pages as possible thanks to these sales I now have 300 and odd digital comics on Comixology, I could easily be on 500 -700 books but stopped myself.


Awesome spot OP


Or free if you know the right site to get it from lol


Very nice. Thanks @KangTC

Comixology - Batman: White Knight #1 and Batman: Li'l Gotham #1 digital comics - Free
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Couple of freebies for Batman Day (15th September): Batman: White Knight #1 as per link above plus Batman: Li'l Gotham #1:… Read more

Thanks. I know some of these have been free for ages, but if anyone else is looking for other free Batman comics here's some more:



Comixology: Dark Horse Gaming Comics Sale Code Stack from 35p (with code)
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Comixology: Dark Horse Gaming Comics Sale Code Stack from 35p (with code)
First deal so go easy: Comixology currently has a sale on Dark Horse Gaming Comics & Graphic Novels, this can then be combined with the on going code DH50 to get a further 50% … Read more

Back to school sale added today: Can also be combined with the DH50 code.


They are indeed!


I thoroughly enjoyed the Halo graphic novels! In particular fall of reach!


Are these ecomics / enovels?


Also got the Witcher collection. Cheers!

American Gods Vol.1:  Digital Comic Collection (9 issues, 267 pages) - £2.49 @ Comixology
Found 18th Jul 2018Found 18th Jul 2018
American Gods Vol.1: Digital Comic Collection (9 issues, 267 pages) - £2.49 @ Comixology
£2.49£11.9979%Comixology Deals
All 9 issues of the first volume - 267 pages! ComiXology purchases can be viewed on any PC / Mac and on mobile devices via the ComiXology or Kindle apps. This is the blurb: Thi… Read more
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This is a really good deal! I flicked through the physical copy in a bookstore and it looked very good. Heat from me :D


Sorry, yes, you’re right - got mixed up


This only works the other way round. Kindle purchases appear on the Comixology app, not vice versa.


Yes it will do. It's a comixology offer not a kindle one. They are still separate entities even though both owned by Amazon.


coming up as 13.99 on kindle app on my phone

Comixology - DC digital comics sale 60% off with code DC60, offer ends 19/07.
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Comixology - DC digital comics sale 60% off with code DC60, offer ends 19/07.
Use code DC60 at the cart page, excludes titles released after 02/07/18. Not as good as the previous £2.99 collected edition sale for the more expensive collected editions but any… Read more

this is actually a great deal. just picked up injustice year 1 & 2 for £5.60 That's a lot of reading.


Enjoyed Metal, and am a big fan of Scott Snyder, but I wish he'd do some more American Vampire.

Comixology - Black Hammer Volumes 1 & 2 digital collected editions £1.25 each with code DH50.
Found 3rd Jul 2018Found 3rd Jul 2018
Comixology - Black Hammer Volumes 1 & 2 digital collected editions £1.25 each with code DH50. Dark Horse Weird Futures Sale (ends 09/07) and 50% off sale (ends 06/07) should stack. Black Hamm… Read more

Good deal, heat. I do miss the crazy times when new marvel collections were going for 69p, the sales since then have not been as appealing. i also recommend Aliens Dark Orbit. Any of the Mass Effect collections worth buying?

Comixology - Skybound 65% off sale (includes Walking Dead, Invincible) - digital collected editions from £2.49
Found 15th Jun 2018Found 15th Jun 2018
Comixology - Skybound 65% off sale (includes Walking Dead, Invincible) - digital collected editions from £2.49
Linewide discount, no code required.
Comixology - DC Nation #1 monthly digital magazine - Free
Found 7th Jun 2018Found 7th Jun 2018
Comixology - DC Nation #1 monthly digital magazine - Free
Looks like this is an ongoing free title.

Brilliant! I can be the first to know when they're going to reboot everything again!!

Comixology - American Gods Volume 1 digital graphic novel £2.49
Found 5th Jun 2018Found 5th Jun 2018
Comixology - American Gods Volume 1 digital graphic novel £2.49
£2.49£11.9979%Comixology Deals
Collects American Gods: Shadows #1 - 9. First of three volumes by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell that will adapt the novel.

Good deal -ordered, thanks OP. Over £13 on Amazon.