Commando Blu-Ray - £7 @ Morrisons

Commando Blu-Ray - £7 @ Morrisons

Found 22nd Feb 2011
Buy this movie and let off some steam!


I eat green berets for breakfast!

By far best Arnie quotes in this film!

I like: ' he's dead tired' after asking stewardess to leave his friend alone (and having killed him)

[Cindy uses a rocket launcher]
Matrix: Where did you learn how to do that?
Cindy: I read the instructions.

hey sulley remember when i said id kill you last

yea thats right matrix you did

I LIED!!!!

"If you wanna see your daughter again you're gonna have to co-operate right?"
"Wrong!!" (Cue bullet through centre of forehead)

Arnie at his best, heat added

Have this film on every format, Betamax, VHS, DVD, now tempted to buy on Bluray
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Classic Arnie action film, still great to watch after a couple of decades!!!

stick around

please dont wake my friends hes "DEAD" tired

You are all forgetting the best bad guy of all time BENNETT! Who else can pull off a chainmail vest???

"I love listening to your pussy foot soldiers trying to talk tough. If Matrix was here, he'd laugh to."

"I dont need the gun John"

"John, I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes, I'm going to shoot you between the balls!"
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