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Commodore: The Inside Story eBook (Kindle Edition)  Pre-Order (14/12/18) by David Pleasance.
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Commodore: The Inside Story eBook (Kindle Edition) Pre-Order (14/12/18) by David Pleasance.

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Absolutely ridiculously cheap price for this book that has only just recently come out in physical form for £29.99. Not sure if misprice.

Commodore The Inside Story by David Pleasance, former Managing Director of Commodore UK.

The Untold Tale Of A Computer Giant

There have been rumours about how Commodore - once a billion-dollar company at the cutting edge of computing technology - could go bankrupt.

In this book David Pleasance, former MD of Commodore UK gathers his personal stories and experiences from over twelve years at the company, along with viewpoints from other senior management and engineering employees, suppliers and fans of this former giant of home computing, to expose the naked truth.

This is the book that bares it all...

Containing many NO HOLDS BARRED stories (all true) about David's 12+ years career at Commodore:

3128425.jpg June 1983 to 1990 at CBM UK LTD as Sales & Marketing Director
3128425.jpg From 1990 - January 1992 Commodore Electronics Ltd Basle Switzerland General Manager - responsible for 37 countries.
3128425.jpg January 1992 - December 1992 Commodore Inc. (USA Sales company) Vice President Consumer products.
3128425.jpg January 1993 - August 30th 1995 Managing Director CBM UK Ltd.

The Untold Tale of a Computer Giant with never before revealed true stories of how a huge corporation was mismanaged from Hero to Zero

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Cheers. Ordered.

I've only seen one video on YouTube with David speaking but that was enough to tell me this really will be no holes barred
Very good post, thank you for sharing xx
£15 for the PDF on the official published website.....Although that is colour, not sure if this Kindle ePub will be, for four quid though I'll take it!....

tanked9 m ago

Cheers. Ordered. I've only seen one video on YouTube with David speaking …Cheers. Ordered. I've only seen one video on YouTube with David speaking but that was enough to tell me this really will be no holes barred

Yep, I most certainly look forward to reading just how badly mismanaged and represented CBM International was.
Its a good read, I was lucky enough to meet David in Blackpool a couple of months ago, really nice guy and full of Commodore stories
Thanks op, ordered and heat added.

The Commodore 64 Walkabout V3 is also available for £3.11 if anyone is interested.

Thanks, will be a nice read over my holiday!
When I was at school I remember the commodore PET computers (CBM) and then shortly after I got my commodore VIC20 with 3.5k of computing power! This will be a good read.
Didn't he start a rock band after leaving Commodore (well what was left!)?

Heard various tales of mismanagement, but mainly at a corporate (i.e. US) level. CBM UK was pretty successful just a shame they wasted such a great platform as the Amiga!
Thank you. Watched a documentary, ‘The Commodore Wars’ on this that featured interviews with Jack Tramiel and Chuck Pedle.

Worth a watch for those interested.

In any case, this seems to be a good price so I have pre-ordered and heat added
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Ordered many thanks op.
David should’ve called it “How the West was lost”.

Not sure I want to read how opportunities were missed and chances squandered until the PC and a plethora of consoles filled the Commodire gap like it never existed.

I was a devoted fan and I’ve have bought into their risc based Amiga successor...and then they were gone. Pained me to buy the very machine I had despised all those years to replace it with (PC).

Many years on and I’m a big fan of the PC 😜
Heat added. This was frim a Kickstarter project and having heard David speak about the challenges he faced during his time with Commodore I am looking forward to reading this.

Found a video of the Commodore panel from Revival in Brum earlier this year. The whole panel was great but the last 20mins offers some insight into what this book probably contains.


Still a better love story than Twilight.

Not that I've ever seen or read Twilight, obviously. I have male genitalia.
Price has decreased to £3.79
Well clearly no mis-price, day of release and still £3.79.

Just to confirm that like the PDF that is for sale on the books website for £15 the Kindle Edition also features colour photos.

Conversion to other formats including ePub and PDF is doable by downloading the Kindle for PC app to get a physical version of the file instead of reading from Cloud Reader, then utilising the brilliance of Calibre with DRM plugins to convert.
Anyone know what happened to this? Still there can't buy
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