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Posted 21 December 2022

Community Fibre 920Mbps broadband + £90 Amazon Voucher - £29pm /12m + £9.95 setup = £358) (Select Locations - London) @ Broadband Choices

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    "Great news! London's fastest 100% full fibre broadband is coming to your area."

    Their website has been saying this for over a year for my address. Given up on them now and have switched to Virgin Media.

    This is a great deal if you can get it, but the likelihood is this is not applicable to most HUKDers
    It says that for any London post code where Community Fibre isn't already live.
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    Been with these guys for a year now (well almost give it take a couple weeks) and it’s been as advertised with low latency also. Symmetric speeds up and down which is helpful.

    I also had the situation of also having virgin media broadband simultaneously due to signing onto a deal for tv. (It was cheaper to get the broadband for the cheapest tv bundle)

    Night and day the service provided. I could measure the difference in quality and speed both in peak and off peak times between the two.

    Community fibre service disruption was near 0, bar 1 maintenance advisory with a few weeks notice and only a slight disruption in the very early hours.

    Virgin by comparison dropped over half the speed provided/advertised during peak times and had 23 separate incidents over the span of the same 12 months ranging from under an hour to an entire afternoon in some cases. They even sent out an engineer and ended up messing up the TV signal. Which they fixed by adding a booster box which meant more electricity being used.

    Between the two it’s night and day for me personally. I Can’t comment on BT myself anymore as I left them back in 2018, but I can’t fault the service if you can get it in your area.

    Second alternative if you can’t (and the company is about is hyperoptic. (They used to run Be Broadband/O2 broadband back in the 2000s.) From experience testing a friends internet connection with them when renting they also provide a solid symmetric up down service with low latency. Also London based though I believe.

    Highly rate this service. Will see if I can secure the deal as a current subscriber. Probably won’t get the gift card but that’s fine by me if I can keep the monthly cost down.

    Hope the above helps if you’re on the fence like I was initially.
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    This is me whenever it comes to a community fibre deal:

    1 - ooooh a community fibre deal
    2 - wonders if it's in my area
    3 - clicks link + submit postcode
    4 - not available
    5 - sobs quietly in the corner of the room
    I actually laughed loudly after reading your Number 5.
    My comment of the day.
    Thank you
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    Hilarious as the company states that their service is available in 32 boroughs of London and yet I still can't get it. 32 is total no. Of boroughs lol
    It could be only available to 32 homes, 1 in each for it to technically be available.
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    I have been with community fibre for 2 months now. 100% better than virgin who one average had one day outage per month for the 18 months I subscribed to them.

    The speed you get is pretty close to what they promise too.
    Use ookla that one is fake imo
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    Is this better than sky fibre broadband
    If you can get it, absolutey.
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    Good if you can get it. Don't forget to get the referral for the Amazon voucher as well to make it sweeter.
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    Good deal shame only in london
  9. Avatar
    Very happy with them — you actually get the speed you pay for. No sign of the Amazon voucher I was promised back in August though, so don’t count on it too much.
  10. Avatar
    This must be the darkest timeline
  11. Avatar
    These guys are so annoying. They sent us unsolicited mail at least 3 times and did a door call about 4 times. When will they take no for an answer!?!
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    Weird how they’ve changed wording from 1000Mbps to 920Mbps. Don’t get what’s going on.
    Having previously worked in telecoms, it is usually done because the speeds are ‘Up to 1Gb’ but that just used to cause us to get loads of people who aren’t technically minded, wondering why they were “only” getting like 950mbps when they pay for a gig and then having to explain to them average speeds and distance from exchange and peak/off-peak.

    Plus Ethel doesn’t really need a gig to watch her Corrie re-runs lol

    TL;DR - Less hassle tbh
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    What kind of router do they supply for this service?
    They supplied me with a Linksys Velop MX4200 (AX4200)