Comodo Internet Security Complete Free Antivirus and Firewall!
Comodo Internet Security Complete Free Antivirus and Firewall!

Comodo Internet Security Complete Free Antivirus and Firewall!

My Mcafee ran out as I got that free last year on here and it worked a treat. I dont mind as it was free and its not as bad as its made out. I didnt want to pay for another and I didnt want a seperate antivirus and firewall. I came across Comodo which was recommend on a few sites as a firewall and I found they do a free Antivirus & Firewall in one. So far so good. The only annoying thing is that the firewall does ask whenever a program tries to do something but after a few adjustments its not so bad.


* All-in-one Firewall & Antivirus
* Defends your PC from Internet attacks
* Detects and eliminates viruses
* Prevents malware from being installed
* Easy to install, configure and use
* Free to both business and home users

Follow the link for more details and indepth review

for a review


quite a good software, but you could also try the microsoft security essentials for windows which is also free and doesnt use up to much resources on your pc.

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yea I have seen that but i think thats still testing and all that. No firewall either on microsoft security essentials

You can only use Comodo firewall and another antivirus. Best of both worlds. And comodo was always free.

Thanks, my avira will also expire soon, will give it a try

Last I read, the reviews on the combined Comodo anti virus and Firewall were not that great. I have the excellent Comodo Firewall on its own though as you can choose not to install the Anti Virus during installation. I use Avira anti virus which is also free.

Comodo has an excellent Firewall....better to use WITH a different and (better) free antivirus package...

AVG 9.0 -- [COLOR=Blue]http://free.avg.com[/COLOR]

Avira -- [COLOR=Blue]http://www.free-av.de/en/trialpay_download/1/avira_antivir_personal__free_antivirus.html[/COLOR]

Avast -- [COLOR=Blue]http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html[/COLOR]

Microsoft Security Essentials -- [COLOR=Blue]microsoft.com/Sec…ls/
Any of the above can be used WITH Comodo firewall to give you better security protection for FREE...

Hope this helps....


Excellent firewall- one of the best performance wise. AV is still unproven but Comodo have developed it signficantly recently and is definately catching up to the likes of Avast and AVG

Good spot and some great feedback...

Top banana!

I have this and seems pretty good overall.
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