Compact 10x25 DCF (Black Colour)- £4.29 @ 7dayshop LIMITED CRAZY PRICE !
Compact 10x25 DCF (Black Colour)- £4.29 @ 7dayshop LIMITED CRAZY PRICE !

Compact 10x25 DCF (Black Colour)- £4.29 @ 7dayshop LIMITED CRAZY PRICE !

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Compact 10x25 DCF (Black Colour)- LIMITED CRAZY PRICE !

Normal Price £10.99
Special Price £3.99 Delivered
UK RRP £19.99
Your Saving £16.00
inflated RRP maybe but a great deal at this price with free delivery
Blue and Green at this price too

ONE TIME LOWEST EVER PRICE - Top Quality Glass Coated Optics - 100% Guaranteed to Please !!
Super smart silver metal and black rubber armoured body combined with really precise and clear viewing optics. Powerful 10x magnification combined with their very compact size make these binoculars an excellent choice for viewing many pursuits including sports, walking or hiking, motor racing, aircraft displays, horse racing and bird watching too. Fits in a larger coat pocket and because of their compact size and weight, are more than ideal for travelling with. Keep a pair handy in the cars glove box or in your rucksack, camera bag etc. and etc. - you'll be glad you did !
Loaded with all the features and specifications that you would expect from the far more expensive binoculars including:
Top quality multi-coated glass optics ensuring extra bright viewing and a super sharp images
Extra durable metal body with black rubberised finish for a safe and a non-slip grip
Smooth central rubberised focus wheel and separate r/h eyepiece diopter adjustment
Fold back rubber eyecups for spectacle wearers
Weight 175g. Field of View 101m at1000m.
Full 1 year guarantee.
Supplied with a quality padded nylon case, built in neck-strap and even a small lens cleaning cloth too !

Please do not be put off by the VERY low price, we ask you to try these really superb binoculars and if you are not 100% delighted with your purchase then send them straight back to us (in original and unmarked condition please) for a " no quibble" and full refund of the purchase price.
Please take our word for it (and see also our many excellent customer reviews too !) that this is a really incredible offer price on a really superb and useful product !


Very good price but how useful is it to have a binocular with 10x ? Will it be any good? Most modern cameras have more zoom then this.
Having said that, I might still buy one for my Son Thanks OP!

Green and blue same price
..sorry just noticed you said that..........................

Thanks, ordered 2, one to keep in the car and one for a kid. Cheaper than buying a toy one as they are crap and the plastic breaks.

Great price, thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

Ordered a pair thanks. They are the same rating as the ones I borrowed when went away looking for Dolphins and those worked great. Can't go wrong for £4 I don't think.


Now at £4.29?

Ordered anyway.
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I got them for £4.99 when they were on offer last time.
Pretty basic stuff. Great for a novice who wants binocs once in a while for just a brief peek but not suitable for anything more.

The only thing i would say is that 10x magnification is pushing it, 7x would be better with the lens size but £3.99, can't say no really.. hot

Nice one, ordered 2 black ones @ £3.99

£4.29 as stated but still showing as £3.99 on here.

green ones still £3.99.just ordered.
thanks Reeferman

Bought a similar spec binoculars from Argios many years ago, just to kep in my rucksack when walking in the hills. makes the wildlife a little easier to spot.

anyone know how quick they deliver going away an next few days?

I got a pair of these about this time last year too. I am no binocular expert but these were BRILLIANT little binoculars for the money. It meant i was able to focus them to suit my eyes, width between eyes, and not keep using and changing someone elses. They are great build quality, and i used them several times a day on holiday, I watched seals playing in the water, which with the naked eye I couldn't even see there were seals .. or anything there at all. Another day, I was using them just to do my nosy over a pretty loch and I saw a heron standing motionless at the water's edge of a little island on the loch. Again I could barely see the island never mind a heron. Just such a great little device.

I'm sure these aren't for the binocular experts (or snobs), but for general sight seeing, these are perfect. They come in a little multicoloured (dark green, cream and navy) pouch and with a lens cleaning cloth.

Cheers just ordered 2.

cheers ordered a couple of pairs

3.99 for blue or green!

Well done Reeferman - great deal (but still taken one month to become hot!)

Are these suitable for perverts?


Are these suitable for perverts?



Very good price but how useful is it to have a binocular with 10x ? Will … Very good price but how useful is it to have a binocular with 10x ? Will it be any good? Most modern cameras have more zoom then this.

Are you referring to optical zoom or digital zoom? Many cameras that advertise a high zoom number, especially those in the buy it from Argos to take snapshots type price range, are referring to digital zoom which is essentially worthless because it enlarges the middle of the image at the expense of quality the same as you can do yourself on a computer.

Ordered.. thanko..


£4.29 as stated but still showing as £3.99 on here.

Isn't it £4.29 for 1 pair, £3.99 for 2-4 pairs ?


Isn't it £4.29 for 1 pair, £3.99 for 2-4 pairs ?

Ok I lied, that's the black ones. Blue & Green both showing as £3.99.



On a typical camera a 10x zoom is 25-250mm. However the human eye sees at the equivalent of 50mm, so 10x magnification on a binocular is 500mm - twice that of such a typical camera.
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Got mine last week,only waited 4 days.£3.99 well spent.Already have a pair that I bought from Jessop's at a greater cost.No difference in the viewing quality.

Excellent Deal. just order two. thanks

Cheers OP. Just ordered two black pairs. Funny how the black ones have an RRP of £19.99 and the blue ones have an RRP of £39.99 though, If I had ordered two blue pairs I could have saved even more money.....lol....

Good price!

I brought a crappy purple plastic toy one for my daughter off ebay that cost more than this!

Great deal, thanks for posting it!

mine arrived today. I'me Very impressed for the money, so much so in fact, I've just ordered two more pairs for family.
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