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Compact Recycling Pedal Bins - 2x20L - £35.27 / 12L + 24L - £31.02 Using code @ eBay / Roovcouk
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Compact Recycling Pedal Bins - 2x20L - £35.27 / 12L + 24L - £31.02 Using code @ eBay / Roovcouk

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Posted 6th Oct 2020

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Pretty good if you're happy with the sizes, they have a 24L, but I think either of the others are better overall value anyway. You can see the 24L (3x 8L) here at £28.04 with code if you like though.The sizes mentioned below aren't listed via their ebay store, but they can be found HERE on the Roov main site. All options are on the 'Get Deal' link. I

'm posting this as an alternative to the current posted deal on a 45L 3x15L at £45, as 2x20L might be better for some, or indeed a 12L and a 24L.

Anyway, I am going to stop using my L key before it breaks

See you ater


  • 24L - 3x 8L - £28.04
  • 40L - 2x 20L -Compact Recycling Pedal Bin - £35.27
  • 36L - 12L + 24L Compact Recycling Pedal Bin - £31.02

Climate change is having a critical effect on our planet and we all try to do our bit to help by recycling our home waste, but this can be a laborious task when you have 3 different bins for your plastic, paper and glass. The Maison & White Recycling Pedal Bin is an amazing tool that can help you improve the efficiency of your home recycling. Beneath the firm-shut lids, that will keep any odours contained, are separate compartments which you can dedicate specific materials to. These lids can then be opened by the colour coordinated foot pedals that not only makes life easier but also promotes more hygienic usage. Finished with a brushed stainless steel exterior and strong removable buckets, the bin is easily emptied and cleaned, making for a fantastic environmental aid.


Transform your home waste and turn several recycling bins into just one. Dedicate a coloured pedal to specific material and bring all your waste into one place, which won't just make recycling a whole lot more efficient, but you can get the kids involved too!


With the Maison & White Recycling Pedal Bin, you can keep your bin hands free as each compartment lid is operated via the colour-coded foot pedals, which isn’t only more hygienic, but also more convenient if your hands are full with rubbish!


When it’s our turn to take out the trash, it may as well be a little less of a chore, right? Rather than wrestling with cheap bin bags, the Maison & White Recycling Pedal Bin comes with strong buckets in each compartment that are easily removed via the metal handle. Taking out the trash out has never been easier!
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Be interested to hear what people think about this item, please dont say rubbish 🙏
I'm potentially interested in the 36L but cannot find sizes (even on website)

Any ideas?
deafleopard06/10/2020 16:04

I'm potentially interested in the 36L but cannot find sizes (even on …I'm potentially interested in the 36L but cannot find sizes (even on website)Any ideas?

Came here just to ask the same...
Our local council have announced that they will be giving us all segmented recycling bags this year, to separate paper, plastics, and I presume metal and glass. I'm not sure how useful having two segments is going to be, seeing as I'd have to hand sort it later anyway.

Guess I can use one side for blackbag waste, any idea which size will fit a standard carrier bag? I seem to have obtained hundreds from home delivery since Lockdown.
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