Compaq CQ2300UK 21" Desktop PC - Just £300 @ Asda Direct (Possible £7.50 Quidco)

Compaq CQ2300UK 21" Desktop PC - Just £300 @ Asda Direct (Possible £7.50 Quidco)

Found 1st Jun 2010
A powerful desktop computer with an Intel Atom 230 1.6Ghz processor, 1 GB DDR2Ram Memory, 160Gb hard drive, a lightscribe DVD optical drive, 6 in 1 memory card reader and Ethernet and wi-fi connectivity (802.11N).

Includes a 21" LCD monitor with built in speakers, mouse, keyboard, and Windows XP Home Edition with SP3. Perfect for students, creatives, gamers and hard working offices!


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The words 'powerful' and 'Atom Processor' should not under any circumstance be put in the same sentence together. And in no circumstance is this suitable for gamers as the description goes.


Average price nothing special....

Was just writing out what the Chaywa has said but as they've beat me to it I will just agree.

Awful machine for gamers (less powerful than my acer aspire revo) and powerful.... well I have a pc about 6 years old with the same kinda spec and it was a bottom end pc back then. Oh should add it's also no good for "creatives" as they also need powerful pcs


perfect for gamers??? Maybe in 1993.

You'll find 80% of todays games wont run on this machine.

Brrrrrr....wheres me fleece.

not too good a deal... nice looking screen though

I am using an atom 230 for a NAS use one for an actual rig is ridiculous.
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