Compaq CQ56 Laptop 3GB 320GB  £279 @ Sainsburys

Compaq CQ56 Laptop 3GB 320GB £279 @ Sainsburys

Found 8th Jun 2011
Decent enough specs for under £300, a few versions of this laptop are going cheap at different retailers but most have 2GB RAM and 250 GB hardrives so this one looks the best that I can find.
Processor is not amazing but am buying for my sister at university who has had hers stolen - she doesn't need an enormous amount of power as she spends her days working in word and facebooking / youtubing so this will do just fine....

320GB Harddrive
AMD V-Series™ Processor V140
1366 x 768 pixel


A single core processor is a "decent deal" ???
You just step out of a time machine from 2001 ?

The £279 value laptop at Sainsuburys at present is the emachines 732z with i3-370M dualcore, not this one.
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