Compaq Mini 311c-1030SA Notebook 3G version 160GB 1GB WinXP - £329.00 @ hp store (£279 overall)
Compaq Mini 311c-1030SA Notebook 3G version 160GB 1GB WinXP - £329.00 @ hp store (£279 overall)

Compaq Mini 311c-1030SA Notebook 3G version 160GB 1GB WinXP - £329.00 @ hp store (£279 overall)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£329
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This is a simialr deal to the one from Expansys BUT there is a current HP code which brings it down to £299 and quidco gets exactly £20 off the ex-VAT price (I haven't included either in the list). So £279 for the WWAN version of 311c.

HPVCC10ALL is the 10% off code and Quidco is also giving 8% in conjunction with the voucherI think ?!

So if you want WWAN then it is just a little cheaper than getting the module and aerial from Ebay if you need it. (£22 for module and £6 for aerial).


My daughter has this and with the built-in 3g and reasonably long battery life, it's the best netbook out there for the price.

Bout few months ago for nearly £260 using similar code and Quidco.

Heat and rep added.

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Thanks for the rep. I am probably going for the other deal as I have a 3G dongle which I can use when I am travelling and have some Quidco in my Paypal account which Expansys accept but HP don't (at the moment) which is a shame as this overall looks a slightly better deal.
What is the keyboard like ? I like the light for caps lock and the WiFi, which not a lot of the netbooks have which is easily visible (ie. you have loads on the NC10 or N140 but you can't tell which lights mean what).

anyone know if ram is upgradeable?


anyone know if ram is upgradeable?

Yes it is, 1GB is soldered and 1 slot free.

Yes you can add a 2 gig ram module giving 3 gigs in total.

whats the battery life

Scotty, looking for some reputable feed back on this one!


whats the battery life

Slightly over 4 hours for me, that's with XP and 7. Not so good compared to others but you have to compare the overall package against your needs.

I bought one of these before Christmas for a similar price from the HP store as a gift for my dad. Great value for money. Voted hot.

Anyone know if you can buy this connected and get a subsidy?


Scotty, looking for some reputable feed back on this one!

[FONT=Verdana]Mmm, it's a decent enough netbook considering the design and configuration (i.e. the larger 11.6" screen & the NVIDA ION Graphics Card) - I've used one myself in the past (the non-3G version) and it's quite decent to work on (only annoying thing was the sensitivity of the track-pad) but dependent upon what your using the netbook for (i.e. the specific operating system & applications you've installed onto it) then upgrading the memory is a definite requirement.

There aren't many 3G enabled netbooks out there but this one does lead the way, as it's design is quite solid and reliable - the battery life can be addressed by underclocking the CPU, as I remember seeing this being discussed over at the MyHPMini User Community & Forum.

HP Mini 311 - Review of the HP Mini 311[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

HP Mini 311 Review[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

HP Mini 311 Laptop reviews - CNET Reviews[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

Hands on: HP Mini 311 review | News | TechRadar UK[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

A similar deal for a 3G embedded … A similar deal for a 3G embedded netbook:http://www.simplyacer.com/Black_Acer_Aspire_One_751_702734.html @ £244

[FONT=Verdana]The show stoppers for going for this model are the CPU is not that powerful (it's been listed as a major complaint for this model), there has been reports of major stability issues with this model (the systems lock up completely for a few minutes or need to be physically powered down to get it working once more) but also reports of the screen very easily cracking.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]


whats the battery life

Not sure about this model, but HP batterys tend to have more than there fair share of problems so I have found. :x

This offer has now expired. It seems HP either want you to call them or purchase a similar model with the same specs for a few £££ more..

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Well I just ordered 9pm 29.03 but I think it might be cancelled as it was from my cookies I think but it all went through all the way to the online and email confirmation. I think it might have been too good to be true as I have a feeling they don't have any .. because as MuJa says, if you go direct, the model is discontinued. 1110 is the new version albeit the same except HD speed. Will wait and see if I get a mail back saying sorry in the morning. But if not then wahey .. goodbye N140 and hello HP mini :-)

If HP or Expansys do a cheaper offer I will cry :-(
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