compaq V6630EM laptop £429.99 collect @ store pcworld
compaq V6630EM laptop £429.99 collect @ store pcworld

compaq V6630EM laptop £429.99 collect @ store pcworld

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Spotted an advert for this in the daily mail yesterday and thought it looked nice for the price - looks a better deal than the recent similar one at play (the hp pavilion GZ974EA) and the description even claims a hdmi connection!! I have reserved one and would appreciate comments re this laptop. Thanks


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oh, what swine voted cold without comment..........my first attempt at posting a deal and I'm mortally wounded...........:roll: I don't usually buy the daily mail, I promise (but could'nt resist yesterday's free dvd.....)

I'm not sure the deal is anything special, people on here will always find fault with the specs etc and there is always a better deal somewhere else. However in my experience they are well built and the sound is normally better than say a Pack Bell or Acer. All depends on personal preference I suppose.:thinking:

I would imagine it to be a fair bit cheaper after xmas if there's no rush.:santa:

Why not buy online, use a YAW code for 5% off, go through Quidco for 2.5% cashback, then if you are not happy with it you can return it to a store within 14 days.:whistling:

Maybe if you post the spec then people will more likely vote it hot/warm/cold.

People are lazy and don't wanna have the hassle of clicking a link! :giggle:

it's actually a very nice laptop this one, had a look in-store the other day - looks different to the one in the picture btw, very expensive looking bit of kit, thin with fancy blue lights and all that jazz - best looking notebook they had imho, also VERY quick in the tests I ran (Media Center HD test, instant playback), seemed quicker than some core 2 duo's they had for a ton more, worth a look anyway.

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Anyone considering this would do well to look at the currys website - with the current 5% off code (SANTA504) plus quidco bringing the price down to about £390!! Hav'nt bought one yet but had a look at a similar model in currys and they do look pretty smart for the money.

If brought at £390 or the full £429.99 this is a very good deal as it has the new range of integrated graphics, decent processor for general use and 2gb of ram which is ssential for optimal performance with Vista. The downside is the medium sized hdd at 120gb but at this price you wont find any bigger and 120gb is still alot. The battery life on this would also be fairly dissappointing as it probably has a small capacity battery.
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