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Meerkat Meal and movies 2 for 1 for £1.01
Refreshed 15th AugRefreshed 15th Aug
How to get Meerkat Meal and movies 2 for 1 for £1.01. I chose travel insurance for 1 person for 1 day in the U.K on the 2nd of December 2018, it came up with a policy with ERV whic… Read more
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Read the OP and you are sorted for £1.01


Anyone have a spare code for tonight please? (popcorn)


Hi can someone please give me meerkat movies code... i just got one from my app but it says valid next week. I am happy to swap as i need to go tonight


Woohoo finally my local cinema accepts the codes. Thanks for the reminder OP.


Already have, though thanks for the reply anyway its appreciated. I'll post the outcome here in case anyone else is having similar problems.

Meerkat Meals -  2 for 1 restaurant deals for a YEAR for Compare the Market customers (Ask, Giraffe, Handmade Burger Company, Pizza Hut Restaurants and Prezzo + thousands of independent restaurants)
Refreshed 28th JulRefreshed 28th Jul
Meerkat Meals is being prepared… Exciting news – Meerkat Meals will be available across the country from Monday 16th July! So, if you’re a new or existing customer, you’ll be able… Read more

Welcome to HUKD! Days are in the OP, Sunday - Thursday.


What days are the meal deals on please


£1.01 travel insurance (ERV) - cheap as chips (highfive)


Should be up to 6 people, they would have gotten confused with Tastecard because they are told it's the same thing. Contact Pizza Hut customer service and they should hopefully refund the difference!


How many people can use Meerkat Meals? This will depend on the individual restaurant - the majority of restaurants will allow you and five others to dine but some restaurants allow up to 10. Take a look on the restaurants page on our Meerkat app for confirmation. Remember this offer is 2 for 1, so you'll only be able to use this offer on an even number of dishes (e.g. If five people eat, only two meals will be free). This applies to Pizza Hut too - unless the particular branch you used had different terms (unlikely). Check that out, and if there are no special terms contact Pizza Hut for a refund.

Meerkat movies 2 for 1 cinema tickets free with policy via Compare the market for as little as £1.17
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
My voucher code had run out so just reminder for others. Meerkat movies for as little as £1.17 Go on compare the market Get 1 day UK travel insurance for yourself once you … Read more

Does anyone have a spare code I can use this week p


I am a new user, this is a great idea and i am willing to take part! this week i am going to see mission impossible woth 4 people does anyone kindly have a code they are not using? My own code will be avalible for anyone week after next! Thanks in advance


Does any one have a spare code plz thanks


Do you have to use the app for this to work and get codes or will just using the website work? Thanks in advance


Or 366 days But always 52 weeks

Meerkat movies 2 for 1 cinema tickets free with policy via Compare the market for as little as £1.62
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Meerkat movies for as little as £1.62 Go on compare the market Get 1 day UK travel insurance for yourself once you do this then apply for meerkat movies and there you go 2 … Read more
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Has anyone got a code for meerkat movie that I can use tonight? Would need asap


Cheers, wanted to see Black Panther! Worked quickly and at the cost of £1.72.


Just bought travel insurance for UK 1 day trip for £1.70 and got my 241 meerkat movies for a year!


For 1 night in the U.K. about 2 months in advance I managed to do it for £1.17, really a good deal if you can get to the cinema midweek


Hi people i can’t find the movie code request link right now and therefore i’m asking on here if anyone has a spare code for today please. Many Thanks

2 for 1 cinema ticket when you buy car insurance from Compare the Market
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
If you buy your car insurance, you can claim whole year movies 2 for 1 from merrat movies.

Why is everyone taking the pi55? It's good to remind people and new users that this offer is available. Just because you regular users have seen it doesn't mean everyone has.


Post could be a genuine oversight...


BREAKING NEWS alf ramsey has just been sacked from his post as england manager


I heard Orange Wednesdays were the next big thing


Meerkat Movies £1.02 (When you purchase single day trip insurance) Through Compare the meerkat
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
I know this has been around but i was looking for a meerkat movies code and decided to look at getting it myself. Decided to get travel insurance for a single trip for 1 day in the… Read more
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Just one code per week


All sorted. Emailed CompareTheMarket and they fixed the date issue. Now have 12 months 2 for 1


Quick question, can you claim a ticket only once a week or mutliple times on Tue and Wed?


That sounds strange? It says in the faq that the meerkat movies membership lasts 12 months??


Im only getting a months worth of Meerkat using this technique. Have queried this with them but would be interested to know if others got an instant 12 months of the meerkat movies?

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Meerkat Movies (2 for 1 Cinema) Codes for 1 Year - under £3
Found 21st Jul 2017Found 21st Jul 2017
!THIS DEAL IS NOT FOR REQUESTING CODES FROM OTHER MEMBERS - SEE BOTTOM OF POST IF THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! Get 2-for-1 cinema codes for a whole year with Meerkat Movies. You can ob… Read more
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please can anyone let me have a code for today ??? for teen son please thank you


£1.02 for me too. ERV must be making a packet on all these sales when nobody is actually travelling!


Please take the time to read the deal info. Please do not request codes on here. There is a specific place for this, which has been made available in the info.


Thank you!! I got mine for £1.02 tonight!! :O :O :O


Hi everyone, I've followed the link in the main post so I can request a code but it's not working, I'm waiting for my policy to come through. Can you direct me to the correct post so I can request a code (I need 2). Thank you

#No Code Requests# Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 on Cinema Tickets Tues / Wed for just £1.11!! via Compare the Market #No Code Requests#
Found 14th May 2017Found 14th May 2017
###No Code Requests### Much cheaper than last year when I had to renew, only £1.11 for the whole year!! Go watch one movie and you've already made up the cost including excess. C… Read more

Any one want a code pm me


If you scroll up, there's a link.


Any one gt code plz thanks


Thank you @pman12


Get 1 year of 2 for 1 meerkat movies for under £3
Found 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
I've noticed every Tuesday and Wednesday there's loads of posts asking for meerkat movie codes. Let's be honest, it gets annoying scrolling past it every week. It's affordable to g… Read more
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£1.55 for me. What's that? nothing! This should get hot I think.


£1.55, still worth it. Thanks.


got meerkat movies for £1.11


Mine has been validated so Alien next week. :) I think of the creature in Alien as being my ego! oO


Just paid £1.33 and it can take hours or days for the offer to be accessible via your Account if I recall correctly. Stunning offer really and the beauty is you can get the code whilst you are at the cinema on your phone with the app so no need for these last minute requests on here for a code. :) Thanks OP. <3

meerkat movies 2 for 1 for £1.70
Found 24th Jan 2017Found 24th Jan 2017
May have been posted previously but can't find anything recent . My meerkat movies expired today and was looking for a replacement but already had my car insurance through direct … Read more
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Anyone got a spare code for tomorrow please?


Anyone got a spare code I can use this week ? Thanks


This is amazing, thanks!


Just bought for 1.11


Dont use mine everyweek, private message me for a code :)

Frozen meerkat teddy AND 241 cinema tickets when you go through compare the market.
Found 2nd Jan 2017Found 2nd Jan 2017
Normally you only get to choose the teddy or the meerkat codes for the year but until March 31st you get both and it's a limited edition frozen meerkat - if you're into that!
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£1.42 it cost me last week for 1 day travel insurance + 1 years Meerkats Membership received <3


​Its just out... Give it a month and it will be flooded with these


...have you seen the prices of these on eBay? These two... it's closer to £70. Each.


Its car or home insurance or changing your energy supplier. Seems a lot just to get a toy.. Or if you really want it pay a tenner on ebay.


​No its not a deal.

GLITCH: - a year of Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 cinema codes with no purchase necessary
Found 2nd Jan 2017Found 2nd Jan 2017
A wee New Year bonus for you. Short version: You can get a year of Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 cinema (codes eligible every Tuesday/Wednesday) without actually purchasing insurance from… Read more
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I doubt a good bulk of HUKD give no toss, DWP & HMRC payments cannot be classed as income in court proceedings raised against one in receipt of such. Working with them ? Doubt they put you in the payroll for informing them. How many loopholes do you think the cinema and insurance companies have to pay no tax ? It works both ways imo.


There is probably a kickback when a target number is met so CTM win anyway, have you seen the prices at cinemas for munchies ? They are raking it in... I used to get a bag search at Virgin (with my Orange Wednesday and £9.99 Cinecard) and they would try to confiscate my external which I would say these are allergen, caffeine, sugar free that you don't sell and so severe it's a disability and I can eat the chips only here. Some of the jumped up minimum wage 'bouncers' would not half give you a snarl - which of course I would smile back at. Believe me having worked at big nationals they pay a pittance for buying cinema stock in bulk - because it's a psychological cheap advertising splashed all over the place that associates 'good time' with their products. I would stand with company watching most people spend £6+ and that was a decade ago, defo not got cheaper. Meerkats (executive table) are living like Mariah Carey not a sand hole in the ground, kick backs can be massive money, look at Tesco charging for 'certain' shelf space. CTM is making cash out this, & your personal details for marketing & cinema chain/promotion company kickbacks. Rest easy my pretties, someone's info is already on the dark web.


Is this still working? How long does it take to validate? I did mine one Wednesday and it's Saturday and still no meercat movies :(((




boom..... worked for me!!! ty op cant wait to get free cinema tickets after fleecing the meerkats!!!! yessss get in

[Sky] Fibre Broadband (38Mbps) £17.40 for 25GB pcm, 12m contract via Compare The Market
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
Am already a Sky customer, and when I put in my details in the Compare The Market broadband checker I got the following deal offered: Download speed up to 38 Mbps Fibre Upload sp… Read more

TO BE FAIR, this ain't a good deal.


Freezing cold this.


Aha my mistake! Ask for the thread title to be changed? There you go, that's how you accept criticism :) Why would anyone be attempting to cover themselves in glory?! :) Keep well :) Good luck with your next deal :)


As I pointed out in post #4: Not exactly covering yourself in glory here...


PS you don't have to go "via compare the market", this is the standard price for a new customer as quoted directly on the Sky website......

Save money and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets and a Limited Editions toy(BAT-MEERKATorSUPER-MEERKAT) £2.84
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
pretty similar to previous deals to get the 2 cinema tickets for price of 1 Tuesday and Wednesday .. the toys are the limited editions SUPERMAN or BATMAN (ONLY UNTIL 8TH JUNE) simp… Read more

Elvis is dead!!


I did


No deal "simples"


Travel insurance isn't eligible for the toys Edit: seems I was beat to it :D


1.3 Non qualifying purchases Currently the following products are not qualifying purchases made through 1.3.1 Travel insurance; 1.3.2 Business insurance; 1.3.3 Breakdown; 1.3.4 Business Energy; 1.3.5 Mortgages; 1.3.6 Savings; 1.3.7 Current Account; 1.3.8 Health insurance; 1.3.9 Income protection insurance; 1.3.10 Mobile phone and SIM only contract applications.

FREE 2 for 1 Cineworld movie code !!
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
iv received a email this week from compare the without purchasing anything!! thought I'd check it out so I logged in. then there was a code waiting for me ! you get a… Read more

​did you succeed??


says Tuesday and Wednesday. this is no purchase necessary thread. shame people don't know about it


Can you use the cinema tickets any day of the weekend?




mod please expire !!

Meerkat Movies annual 2for1 pass - - £2.00
Found 15th May 2016Found 15th May 2016
I've managed to find a cheaper Travel Insurance deal to get 2 for 1 Meerkat Movies for only £2.00 for the whole year... The options you need to select are: United Kingdom Single … Read more
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Pm you


Has anyone got a spare code please? I've already got a code but need another one as 4 of us want to see Rogue One tonight. Thanks.


anyone has spare code here please


Messaged you.


Has anyone got a meerkat Voucher that I could use today. I've just gone to get mine and it has ran out!

meerkat movies 2for1 annual pass from £2.23
Found 16th Apr 2016Found 16th Apr 2016
my 2for1 movies pass through meerkat movies just expired that I got from last year's post. if you choose travel insurance for one day, in the UK, for one person (I chose business … Read more
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Waiting for confirmation of mine


bought my insurance for £1.79, meerkat movies validated after 3 days :)


Can someone PM me a code if they don't need one? Thanks!


Just got it for £2.00! Thanks


If i buy the cheapest one-day travel insurance will I still get the 2 for 1 tickets . urgently reply please

Free Limited Edition Superman or Batman Meerkat toy compare the market (when you buy an insurance policy)
Found 1st Mar 2016Found 1st Mar 2016
I assume most of you are already familiar with Merekat Movies when you buy an insurance policy through "compare the market"? Well, today I received an email informing me that in ad… Read more
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just checked the FAQ you can only claim a superhero toy if you have reqistered for insurance AFTER march 1st, so previous running covers don't qualify :-( that's why 1 of my 2 isn't processing


My batman is on his way :) nice little surprise for insuring my first car!


they sell in charity shops for £15 well iv seen prev ones in there before


Suckers. Soon to be available in any charity shop in the UK.


NEED to complete the family collection!

2 for 1 cinema tickets for 1 year £2.00 with comparethemarket
Found 24th Jan 2016Found 24th Jan 2016
as featured on itv martin lewis money programme buy a travel insurance from and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets for 1 year. tips to get it for as little as £2 pound… Read more
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It's nuts, 1 year+ later, and peep's are still flooding this thread?, lol.


Hehehehehehehe, YEP, I totally agree, and if possible, I would love one as well please?. :-)


Hahahahahaha, cheeky!, lol.


Has anyone got a 2 for 1 movie code to spare can they pm me please instead of letting it go to waste?


yes I think you can get free toy now aswell