Complete 24 - Series 1-7 + Redemption £74.99 - HMV

Complete 24 - Series 1-7 + Redemption £74.99 - HMV

Found 30th May 2010
Next closest price is over £100 (on Amazon). If you want to get 24, nows the best time for it.

Not 100% if its in stores too, maybe someone can clarify?


series 8 will be out in a few months, if you want to get the full set. this one will probably get cheaper too, although obviously if you want it now that doesn't help!

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It's why I posted this one up, it will probably end up cheaper buying this set and then S8 seperately than altogether which will be expensive for a good while.

i assume this is dvd? lot of cash for dvd, and it is missing a series, so the boxset is incomplete, think will wait for a bluray set

This set WILL get cheaper and cheaper as the season 8 release day approaches. I see it going as low as £60.

Gonna get the full blu ray set when it is out with season 8 and the upcoming film
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