Complete 4 Disc Kingdom Hospital DVD Set £13.97 Delivered

Complete 4 Disc Kingdom Hospital DVD Set £13.97 Delivered

Found 17th Aug 2006
The Complete 4 Disc 580 minutes 2004 Kingdom Hospital DVD Set, adapted by Steven King from the Danish director Lars Von Trier’s cult mini-series The Kingdom. If you buy from Amazon/Jersey [second link on their website] it's just £13.97 including delivery or from Amazon.Co.UK £14.97 including delivery.

DVD Description: Kingdom Hospital is the first television series written and produced by Stephen King, the legendary master of horror. Kingdom Hospital is not like other hospitals--it is built on the wreckage of two horrific fires. The first fire, during the civil war, burned down the Gates Falls Mill, where small children toiled away under nightmarish conditions--nearly all of the long-suffering children were trapped and died in the fire. The second fire destroyed the "old Kingdom," a creepy hospital where an evil doctor performed hideous experiments on patients. The "new Kingdom" is the site of strange, paranormal phenomena, where the unquiet dead still roam. In every episode, over 20 regular and recurring characters check in and out of Kingdom Hospital, playing out the eternal conflict between good and evil.


I remember this, i used to read Stephen king books..Rose madder, IT etc and i really liked them books so i thought wahey a king series,....... oh my god what a load of nonsense it was.
I really couldnt understand at all what it was all about and it was written in a weird way.
Not my scene at all but maybe others, still a nice price for dvds.

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I've never watched it, Thanks for the feedback

I like some Steven King stories, but it also gets mixed reviews on Amazon, so a bit hit and miss then I guess...

yeh rayman, i thought it was going to be ok as it started off fine but then it started going all pete tong
Id hate to know what was going on in Kings head when he did this !?!?!

This wasn't originally written by SK, just adapted by him. It was a mini series on danish tv, written by filmmaker Lars von Trier. King added his own near death experience to it. I loved the weird and wackyness of it and the dark humour though, and am a big fan of his.
Thanks Rayman, will treat myself to this! :-)

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Ah You're welcome! Pleased it was useful for at least one person then

I wonder what the original Kingdom is/was like :?

i got this a few months back when cdwow had it for £7 i really liked it!! really eery snd diffrent although it wasnt stephen king that wrote it it was originally a sweidh or danish show i think???

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Yeah, was adapted by King as explained a couple of posts above

Thanks for the feedback FRANK! That makes two that like it now

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Still available £13.97 at Amazon/Jersey and £14.97 Amazon.Co.UK

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Bump £13.97
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