Complete Battlestar Galactica £39.99 instore @ HMV

Complete Battlestar Galactica £39.99 instore @ HMV

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AS title, complete battlestar in store for 39.99. Not bad if in and around town shopping. Not sure if its on line. crap signal.

Thanks for image.


On website I can only find price £ 59.99. Went to my local HMV and it was even more expencive.

Any way, if someone can find it as cheap then this is a good deal especially as it has Razor and all extras in it.

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aw shame. its not the cylon one, its the one in the picture. was a load in the two cardiff stores and newport as well.

Saw it tonight in HMV Manchester Market St for this price. Was actually £39 so 99p cheaper!! There was LOADS left too.

I'd have bought one if I didn't have about a million other things to watch first, courtesy of this website

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yea, thought it was 39 dead on, wasnt sure.

This price is for BLU-RAY, which doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.
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Blu-Ray? You sure? Might have to ring round if that's right (no Blu copies in my local).

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It's not blu ray, would have bought 20 if it was

Got the Complete Series Limited Edition Box Set in a Tin Presentation Box from Amazon for about £43, but this is a good deal if on. Nearly double that price in my local HMV, so may be store specific.

Just got this for £39 from HMV inside Manchester Arndale - looked like one left on shelf but they may have more in stock.

Just picked it up in Burton on trent, good deal. Actually the wife picked up the wrong one, the season 1-4 boxset, which is actually a pound dearer. This is a brilliant deal. well done.

Great deal, enjoying this show a lot! Would defo watch again for the high def!

thanks, ive been wanting to watch this for a while but held of until it was released as a complete boxset.

Now, im a little confused, ive noticed there are seasons 1-5 in the box, but also a disc which says battlestar galatica on it, which looks like one long movie, which im guessing is the mini-series. Im assuming im to watch this before the series, am i correct in thinking this?
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