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Complete Element x Star Wars Skateboards - £35.49 delivered with code at Rollersnakes

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Bought one of the Element Star Wars decks for £35 at Christmas time and thought £35 was a bargain but a complete board for £35 is even better.

You can pick up at the store for free or postage is £3.99

A few designs including:

Death star:

Millennium falcon:

X Wing:

Tie fighter:

Possible 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter and use code WELCOME10
Rollersnakes More details at Rollersnakes
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    I was worried when I've seen the reviews for this company. Ordered, delivered in two days, hassle free.
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    This is an insane deal, maybe star wars is dead but element have been in the business since the start. The colabs usually send prices crazy and often see just the deck alone go for over £100. It's probably odd sizes no one wanted but still for someone new or returning from decades, it's an absolute bargain
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    Is this any good for the money and is the £115 RRP genuine?
    These are proper decks with a good concave. The wheels, trucks and bearings will likely be middle of the road (I haven't tried them). Certainly not top of the line but good for any beginner/intermediate skateboarder. Probably the first thing I'll upgrade are the bearings to some bones reds. Selling at route one at £115 at the moment. (edited)
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    Please could someone advise if this any good for an adult ? (edited)
    This is a full size deck made of 7ply maple. Should be fine for an adult.

    If you're a beginner you might want to try the 8" decks for a little extra stability. The 7.75" ones will rotate faster if you're aiming to do flip tricks like a kickflip. (edited)
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    Very good price for a complete let alone an element one. Would make for a brilliant beginner/intermediate setup that will last a long time
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    Heads up. Prices seem to have increased by between 95p and £2.95 depending on which deck you pick.
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    My heart say go, but my head (and arms and knees and back) says no! Great deal!
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    My daughter (6 years old) bought her first skateboard last week from route one so this'll do me nicely to skate with her (haven't been on a skateboard for 20 years), thanks op!
    Good luck bud. Hope you both have a great time.
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    Great find. Ordered. Thanks
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    Thanks, I bought a non Star Wars board instead but great price
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    Some prices down to £29.95 now