Complete Marilyn Monroe Collection: 17dvd - £17.99 @ HMV

Complete Marilyn Monroe Collection: 17dvd - £17.99 @ HMV

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Around £50+ elsewhere


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Marilyn monroe films have not aged well. cold


Marilyn monroe films have not aged well. cold

Irrelevant. This is a far lower price than competitors' offerings and so is a hot deal.
Monroe's films have that peculiarly 60s Hollywood way of mixing the innocent and the worldly - most of these very enjoyable flicks. :thumbsup:

I recently sold the 11 disc collection for £40 so am tempted to get this. Unfortunately I sold them due to never getting round to watching them and my "to watch" pile is way too big.

Great to look at, very untalented actress

She's superb.
7 year itch is one of the funniest films ever.

Fantastic price for what is the ultimate Marilyn Boxset!

The most beautiful woman to ever grace any screen, anywhere.

Marilyn's films, and imagery, holds extremely well to this day when compared to modern cinema. That is why they are classics.

For the idiotic peons who think she was not a good actress - She studied at one of the most prestigious acting studios in the history of hollywood for 8 years, under the supervision of some of the best, most seasoned actors ever.

Some like it hot was and is still regarded as the best comedy of all time. Seven year itch is still a fantastic satire into the mindset of the modern male. She was also a superb dramatic actress and her role as a psycho in "Don't bother to knock", and later in "The Misfits" is still lauded by critics as tour de force of acting chops if there ever were any.

Despite her many personal problems in the later years, she was still greatly respected by her peers. She is probably the best, most stereotyped actress of her time.
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