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Complex Number Calculator | Scientific Calculator - Temporarily Free @ GooglePlay
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Complex Number Calculator | Scientific Calculator - Temporarily Free @ GooglePlay

Posted 29th Mar

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Complex Number Calculator: All Expressions of Complex Numbers a+bi r∠(θ)

Integrated scientific calculator with complex number calculator to compute scientific/mathematical expressions containing real, imaginary and, in general, complex numbers in standard (rectangular) a+bi and polar (phasor) r∠(θ) forms such as

(1/2 + 2i )(3 + 4i) + 3∠(π/4) + sin(i)cos(2 + 3i)^(4 - 2i)

The calculations can be performed in RAD (radians) or DEG (degrees) mode.

This comprehensive complex number calculator optionally converts the result or any complex number in standard form to polar and other modular forms and vice versa (long press i or ∠ to see all forms of the calculated result).

The result can be displayed with fixed, scientific and engineering notations.

This scientific calculator supports all main mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and functions with real, imaginary or complex numbers as their arguments.
*** Note: Swipe the number pad to the right to see more functions (trig, hyperbolic, inverses, etc).
• Real/Complex trigonometric functions and their Inverses
• Real/Complex exponential and logarithmic functions
• Real/Complex hyperbolic functions and their Inverses
• Real/Complex Gamma function, Γ
• Real/Complex psi function, Ψ
• Real/Complex zeta function, ζ

This scientific calculator also lets you do statistics with one or two dimensional real data and do a lot more.

Description of additional scientific features and detailed built-in instruction is provided in the menu accompanying this scientific calculator/complex number calculator.
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I like the RealCalc Scientific Calculator
1. Because it's free and
2. Because it's like the calculators you used to use in maths class at school. (casio fx-83 ?)
Good spot. Now I can check whether Euler's identity really is zero.
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