Composite Front Doors from £358.80 @ Roofline

Composite Front Doors from £358.80 @ Roofline

Found 18th Jun 2014
SIG Roofline have a promotion on for composite front doors starting at £299+vat...

Having had pvc doors in the past - the composite doors are a lot better. When you close them - you get a solid sounding "clunk" like you get with a timber door. No painting & they are Secured By Design - a police initiative about windows & doors that are made to a standard that they recommend.

SIG have branches all over the country - I have included the link to find your nearest branch...

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where are they made/ sourced from?

good deal i think

I don't see where the deal is. They say FROM 299, meaning they are not all 299. Cold from me

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They are all UK made...

The build quality on them is excellent.. They have 5 colours (I think) at this price...

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The one at £299 + vat is the solid 6 panel door.. I priced a normal pvc one at the same time & the cheapest I found for that was over £400 exc vat...

how are these doors secured by design ?
The locking mechanism alone is not enough to be accredited

brit doors site

Only these doors are secured by design

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You seriously think there is only one company that do doors that are Secured By Design?

Do a bit of research before posting silly comments. ..

So are these Door-stop doors?

Nearest branch is 2 jr drive away.

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Nearest branch is 2 jr drive away.pity

I'm sure they will send out brochures... The branch here sent one to me... And they delivered it free...
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