Compound Mitre Saw - MacAllister 1800w now £119.98 @ B&Q save £40 + 6% Quidco

Compound Mitre Saw - MacAllister 1800w now £119.98 @ B&Q save £40 + 6% Quidco

£119.98B&Q Deals
Found 14th Jul 2009
Been looking for a compound mitre saw so that I can finally get around to building a shed. Saw this one on sale for 25% off at B&Q instore today and also found it online.

£160 marked down to £120 + 6% Quidco means this costs around £113. Not bad, given that the next model down still retails at £130.
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Don't know about that one but I can personally recommend this one.…Saw

T'is a thing of beauty.
i used to work in me we had them coming back like your £50 more and get a better one......
I'm with g1bbuk, I have the same Erbauer 2501se and think its a cracking bit of kit. The Mac ones in B&Q were marked down to £99 when I was in there the other day and every display one had the blade cover plastic lever snapped off.
The Erbauer is made by Rexon and they have a UK spares dept, unlike B&Q who will whistle if you ask for spare parts. £127 now, was £167 its being phased out in favour of the newer model so grab one while you still can.
Oh and the 2501SE is fitted with a Bosche motor so the tech at Rexon told me.
Good advice. Thanks guys! :-)
A friend works at Bosch and can get a good deal for me, so maybe I'll pay the extra and just go for that one.
BTW The Erbauer from screwfix had two year warranty when I bought it. Probably still does.
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