Compression - FREE APP of the day - iTunes
Compression - FREE APP of the day - iTunes

Compression - FREE APP of the day - iTunes

FREE only for today

Tired of the typical block dropping games? Want something with a little more attitude? Compression brings the game to the next level, with danger coming at you from all directions!

"Compression is one of those puzzle games that seems to get everything right." - TouchArcade.com

The goal is simple. Remove all the hollow pieces from the game board before you run out of space. But can you do it before the walls close in on you?

After every 3rd dropped piece, a wall will move inward, compressing your game board, and causing pieces to shift. Will it be the wall on the left, right, or bottom? When will it happen? Learn the pattern to master the game!

- Online global scoreboards
- Unlimited levels
- Achievements
- A different game every time, with randomly generated levels
- Progress is always saved
- Music and sound effects by Atomicon

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