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CompuCleaner Xpert Electric Air Duster Cleaner | Reconditioned Unit - £29.75 with code, sold by rgstechnical @ eBay

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These things are brilliant for blowing out PCs, much better than the cans of air.
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    Been after one of these at a resonable price for ages. Thanks for posting.

    A PSA for people using one of these for the first time, put a pencil between the fins of your fans to stop them from spinning when cleaning. It will stop them from getting damaged from overspinning.
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    Absolute bargain for these. I bought one for more of the less the same price without code. Was new from what I could tell. So much power that it recoils.
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    Anyone know if 1 year of warranty is included with this?
    I searched and if you scroll down it says 1 year warranty so ive taken the plunge and hope all is good
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    Been using the CompuCleaner Original model for years and can highly recommend it. Great find, thanks & HOT!
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    Just use your gob!
    That's what she said!
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    Thank, I had one at work and wanted to buy for myself too. Great deal
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    Got the original version bought last year it was a recon also. Very handy item for cleaning out computers etc.
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    had one for years......brilliant bit of kit
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    I use mine for cleaning dust off Lego it’s excellent for that
    Actually that sounds a geart idea, I'm gonna have to give that a try.. got a lot in the hosue I can think of this might come in handy for now
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    Thanks op! Been wanting a Databac, however I can't justify paying £130 and they keep going up. This seems a great price and has got great reviews on Amazon with usual price of £70
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    Great bit of kit but be mindful these eat through carbon brushes
    Do you know if it's a simple repair? Looks like you can get a pair for about £5, although couldn't see anything about how to change on this specific item
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    Are those much better than vaccum cleaners etc? Tbh usually using wettex with bit of water (obviously non electric surfaces)
    Usually vacuums will only clean lose dirt. This however blows instead of sucks, so it's power will blow the dust away, including loosening dust which wouldn't have nessecarly been hoovered up.
    Ideally you'd use this outside or in an environment where you can then extract/hoover dust up afterwards
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    Bargain! I bought one a few years ago for £40 and don't regret it in the slightest
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    Great, well worth the price
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    Thanks, nabbed the last one and will sell my original which served flawlessly over the last 2 years.
    Ha, yo in took the last one - I'll take your old one?
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    Definitely good buy…..but….I had similar one for years and found that it’s simply too much hastle. If you live in a clean house- you need to deep clean your pc once in 6 months. For that- vacuum cleaner and good quality painters brush is more than enough….
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    Had been looking for one of these at a decent price for a while

    Seller has one of these for 29.74 : ebay.co.uk/itm…6~R

    Anyone have any experience with this model in comparison? (looks like much weaker motor?)
    Why would you say a weaker motor?
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    Great kit
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    I take mine outside and blast it with my compressor. Is that not good?. Done it a few times...works well