Computer corner unit - £15 in-store @ Focus DIY
Computer corner unit - £15 in-store @ Focus DIY

Computer corner unit - £15 in-store @ Focus DIY

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this is currently on sale at staples for £104 advertised as "Alaska Glass Corner Workstation
Item Number 383499" but if yo go to focus ( in Bangor North Wales at least) you can get it for £15


Come on, post a picture at least! Also, pls state if it is available online or just in-store.

i can't find anything of the sort on their website! please post a direct link to the product you are talking about.


Got this off the staples website, which they mention.

Dunno about this. I have seen these on tesco direct cheaper than £100.

But £15..

Think I'll ring round a few tomorrow.. Not holding to much hope though

surely that table cant be £15!

That for £15? I'll eat my hat...

I'll eat both of my feet.

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£15 for the corner unit with the photo frame on maybe

I got this for £80 in March this year (can't remember the site though, wouldn't use it again anyway as delivery was over 3 weeks!).

The desk is good for the price, sturdy frame, adjustable feet if you need it to sit off the ground that little bit more. It didn't actually fit properly in my room, so I took the corner section out, so I essentially now have two glass desks, the keyboard slider can be connected to either of the desks (the one with the raised shelf or without). I currently have it connected to the one with the raised shelf, and my HDTV happily sits on top of the shelf (it is very sturdy).

If there is a downside to the desk, it would be the glass, it is held on by suction cups (which are secure enough), but I did find the glass scratched quite easily, so I bought see-through desk-mats to place things onto.

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Can someone confirm this deal pls ?

Added a bit of info to the thread title...

Why is there never a direct link to these 'bargains'??? :x

had a look in my focus this morning and it was £69.99. Looked a lot smaller than in the photo too. You must have got lucky at your local focus

yeah it was £69.99 in mine (Aberdare) today as well.

It was £53 in Focus in Flint, North Wales.
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