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Giveaway: Claim your free F1 Challenge iOS game app worth £1.99
Found 14th Jan 2014Found 14th Jan 2014
Had a email from cvg will give you download code to redeem this for free hurry Compete against Vettel, Alonso and Button in app worth £1.99 Have fun and make sure you take the ch… Read more
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registered but no code:(


Worked for me using login from, gave me this code which I paste into iTunes, worked on multiple accounts: 6F7A4EEJNPXN


Given this a go. Cheers. Heated,


Good for you

Spice up your cover with alternative box art for GTA V
Found 17th Sep 2013Found 17th Sep 2013
Sure, the grid-based Grand Theft Auto box art design has become iconic since it was used first in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but Rockstar has released lots of GTA artwork over th… Read more
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printed one of these out on some nice 160gsm silk paper at work and it looks as good as a proper cover!


Good for your "back up" copy you may or may not have (_;)


Bit odd, not like anyone is going to have a high enough quality printer to get results to match the real sleeve. You're just going to make your game case look very cheap.


Ah im only pulling the píss for a bit of fun

To be fair, this is a promo from CVG and not the poster, and some people may be interested in this... Heat added, can't get better than free...

free-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-beta-keys from
Found 28th Jul 2013Found 28th Jul 2013
free-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-beta-keys 2000 odd left took me about a minute to get one either for pc or ps3 instructions are provided once you get a key enjoy link is no… Read more

Nope one more to go


I was under the impression all the betas were now over until launch


I thought that as well ! Used to do speccy and amiga lol


C&VG??? is that STILL going!?

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Free Copy of Borderlands 2 - London - Dependent On How Crazy You Are!
Found 17th Sep 2012Found 17th Sep 2012
According to CVG UK 2K will be having a PR stunt in London on Sunday from … Read more
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I turned up at 8am, was around 46th in line, it was ment to start at 10 but didn't start until 11.15, at around 12 (ish) the rain started...and didn't stop, anyone who joined the que after around 8.30 to 9am did not stand a chance, i got as far as signing my name on the insurance doscument and they stopped the jumps due to high winds, the first 20 jumpers got a goodie bag with toy,t-shirt and of course the game in any of the formats, but when they stopped the jumps they just gave out the games to those still in the que up until the point they ran out,i spend 6 very long hours in the **ssing pouring rain but at least i got the game, as the post said above there were a lot of gamers their but i'm an adrenaline junkie and not a gamer, i got the game as a bonus for my young nephew so at least he is happy, the que jumping was terrible ! when they first did there count i was 46th in the time they had got started and done around 15 jumps i was then 49th in line so lot of folks were getting over the barriers, had security done there job and not stood out of the rain then myself and the very nice guys and girls around me would have been able to do there jumps


went down...too far many nerds and gimps lol


If thats the brick lane by petticoat market then its closed to traffic and absolutely rammed on a sunday with the market going. Thousands of people, so I suspect not many will be getting a chance at a free bungee jump. Its a fun market though, unbelievable amounts of tat.


Given the high winds and driving rain i doubt the bungee jump will go ahead anyway


Looks like you just get chance to enter to win one.

Five nights gaming for a fiver! @ Blockbuster
Found 1st Aug 2012Found 1st Aug 2012
Taken from CVG site: Games and movie giant Blockbuster has got a very special offer for gamers this month, with the chance to rent any game for five nights for just a fiver - and … Read more
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so whats the cracking trade in offer then


Good effort, but I have been paying £5 for 5 nights for a long time :-). Good for those single player games that you don't want to keep


This is the norm though! :{

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online free beta key giveaway
Found 2nd Apr 2012Found 2nd Apr 2012
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online is the new free to play Ghost Recon game for PC and Wii U, and we've teamed up with publisher Ubisoft to give you an exclusive set of free beta keys… Read more
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yeah its not very good but it is a beta and its free


One of the worst games I have played


Keep pressing the button to get a key but keeps saying "Sorry, you were not randomly selected this time. You can try again in 30 seconds!". Might take a while to get one...


Does anyone else keep getting disconnected? Can't play more than 5 minutes before it either disconnects or crashes.


just got one downloading now :)

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Free Xbox Gold Membership (from Valentines Day) when you download Mass Effect 3 demo Xbox 360
Found 3rd Feb 2012Found 3rd Feb 2012
Even if you have no interest in the game, download it and you will have Gold Membership status which will also allow you access to other gold benefits such as Netflix, 4OD,Crackle … Read more

Info is incorrect. Big misunderstanding over this with what's been reported in the gaming press: Link "There seems to be some misunderstanding here, so I'm trying to clear this up. Is Microsoft giving players full Xbox Live Gold benefits during the demo period - including access to Netflix, ESPN, Hulu Plus and more? No - to clarify, Microsoft is removing membership restrictions from the ME3 demo. Normally if a player does not have XBox Live Gold, they would not be able to download the demo until a week after it is released, and would not have access to the multiplayer features of the demo. In this case, all players will be able to download the demo when it releases and all players will be able to play multiplayer in the demo regardless of Xbox Live membership level starting February 14 (for early access participants) or February 17 (all other players). There are no special steps required to obtain these benefits, it will be seamless for all players. To check out all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold membership, try the free Gold weekend February 3rd through 5th." This should be expired as misleading.


cant wait for the third game


Probably lasts 48 hours like with those codes you sometimes get with games.


nice 1


good deal

Free MicroVolts Beta Keys
Found 11th Aug 2010Found 11th Aug 2010
Taken from: [ ] --- Free! MircoVolts [sic] beta keys Wednesday 11-Aug-2010 11:19 AM Have a beta key for the new online s… Read more

-3 degrees... & no comments to explain why on a "freebie" listing that you can just ignore if you don't want to take advantage of it. Oh well. Your loss. BFN, fp.


Direct link to article: [ ] BFN, fp.

Free God of War Trilogy Soundtrack (as featured on Trilogy edition) - Download from GOW website
Found 7th Apr 2010Found 7th Apr 2010
Follow the link to an article at C&VG - you can download the GOW trilogy soundtrack for free at the moment. This soundtrack was included with the stupidly large Collectors Edit… Read more
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Took a while and the first download stopped at 79MB/300MB and obviously wouldn't unzip. But 2nd attempt went well and got full 300MB. Thanks


nice one repped:thumbsup:


i love you thanks


quality downloaded in about 8 mins no problems, cheers

Who wants a Supercar Challenge PS3 Beta key - NO.2! Loads of key`s!
Found 14th Aug 2009Found 14th Aug 2009
Just sign-up (IT FREE) and get you key NOW! CVG Home » PlayStation » Features FEATURES: PLAYSTATION Testing Teaser Trailers How to play the best Japanese games on your PS3 … Read more
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great find


how's the game?


The game is being released on August 28th, so the Beta will probably end on that day:


Thanks for this :)