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Windows 10 Professional includes a 1-PC retail licence, digital download - £39.99 @ComputerActive
25/09/2020Expires on 25/09/2020Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
Windows 10 professional download. From quite a trusted source also. Hope this helps someone! Windows 10 home available also for £29.99 Windows 10 has matured into a fantastic mod… Read more
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Of course or equally as valid a cheaper one from ebay. I've yet to see any evidence that this retailers keys are any different and there's plenty to doubt it. You won't have a legitimate copy, but it'll likely work.


Thanks for your reply, Ad. The PC is a custom build, with no COA attached. I just installed W10 Home from the MS installation software from USB. Could I still use this key? Thanks ;)

If the CoA is W10 Home then absolutely, why wouldn't you. If it's W7/8 Home then it's a grey area but most would consider fair use. If you don't care about legitimacy then a key for a couple of quid on ebay. If the above doesn't apply then £75-100 is the price, I'm afraid.

For Office 2019 buy "Home & Student 2019" (~£100 from a reputable retailer, eg. ebuyer, John Lewis, Amazon direct/not marketplace), "Home & Business 2019" or check if your employer offers it on "Home Use" basis (~£10).

First is a grey area and poor reporting. (i) it works and Microsoft haven't stopped it (ii) officially the offer is long over and Microsoft have said it's no longer valid Second your link doesn't work and is also a grey area. (i) if that CoA is brand new, never used that should be legitimate (ii) odds are that's a used oem licence so it's not legitimate, it's just taking advantage of the fact that the key hasn't been deactivated

Windows 10 - 1 user licence - £29.99 @ Computer Active
-828° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Windows 10 - 1 user licence - £29.99 @ Computer Active£29.99
Computer Active magazine Seems a decent price from a reputable source rather than the hooky versions on eBay. Windows 10 Pro is also offered at £34.99

yes in time, saving up for a gaming level laptop. But in the meantime this laptop will be used as a desktop replacement (17" screen so quite comfortable) for doing mainly mundane day to day jobs (browsing, office, videos as it even has a bluray drive which was a luxury 10 years ago, maybe even some light gaming for older games) so nothing too taxing, so don't want to waste it. thinking upgrading it to win10, and maybe stick the spare 500gb ssd which I have, would make it still quite useful. Anybody else have info as to whether the licence from this deal can be used to upgrade Vista to win10? thanks.


Buy a new laptop rather than subjecting yourself to pain


a bit late to the thread/deal here, just want to ask is this licence for windows 7/8 upgrade to 10 only? I have an acer laptop(aspire 7530g, bought from after seeing a deal on here) from 2010, that's still running the quite cumbersome/relatively slow windows Vista, was hoping an upgrade to windows 10 would breath some new life into it. The laptop has rarely been used in all these year(so the condition is still like new so don't want to part with it) and on paper does have the spec to handle win10, but is the licence from Computer Active(I sill remember the magazine), can the licence be used to upgrade win vista to win10? was hoping buying from a reputable store would be better than buying a dodgy licence/key from ebay.



It does not look genuine at all, you can't even buy it. Website looks dodgy as well

Norton 360 Premium for 10-Device, 2-Years £29.99 - Saving 83%
-42° Expired
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Norton 360 Premium for 10-Device, 2-Years £29.99 - Saving 83%£29.99
Norton 360 Premium include: Antivirus and malware protection PC Cloud Backup, Smart Firewall for PC Password Manager Secure VPN PC SafeCam 100% Virus Protection Promise P… Read more

I'd still avoid anything that triggers that many FP's. Disaster waiting to happen.


To be fair, it also won that roundups top "advanced 3-star" award.


The free AV chorus warms up...


Hmm... Too many FP's


Voted hot, been using Norton for years and never had any problems what so ever with speed, maleware or viruses. Still have over 100 days left on my current deal, otherwise I would purchase.

Norton 360 Premium [10-Device, 2-YR] £29.99 @ ComputerActive
93° Expired
Posted 8th Nov 2019Posted 8th Nov 2019
Norton 360 Premium [10-Device, 2-YR] £29.99 @ ComputerActive£29.99£89.9967%
Computeractive has Norton 360 Premium 10-Device, 2-YR for only £29.99, saving 83%, until 31 March 2020!
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How can it be cold?? with your logic you are paying £40 - £41 for 2 years. This is £29.99 for 2 years.


PS It's quite hard to avoid taking the unnecessary "Extended Download Insurance" ComputerActive automatically add to the basket at £2.95 with no obvious remove button. Not quite sure how I got rid of it but scroll up and down from the basket item list, go back and forth and eventually a page with a 'remove' button was revealed. Otherwise v good deal. 10 devices, 24 months - less than £1.50 per device per year.


UPDATE: you CAN queue this with an existing 10-user Norton Internet Security licence - via Norton support chat. I now have 1102 days remaining. They offer the choice of adding the new key to the old licence or vice versa. If you add to the old licence, no action required on your 10 PCs but you don't get the new features unlocked (like VPN). If they add your existing days to the new licence, you have to update the key immediately on every PC but the new features are released. No new software download was required. On the old software it switched to 1 day remaining. You can also buy the new licence twice and stack up an extra 4 years according to Norton.


You can't add it to your Norton account and "queue" the code, but you can simply order and hold the code and use when you're ready? When you purchase, the code doesn't start counting down until you add it to your account.


Good deal...not quite the same but good alternative, still norton

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 £17.99 @ computer active
-267° Expired
Posted 2nd Jun 2017Posted 2nd Jun 2017
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 £17.99 @ computer active£17.99
Offer from Computeractive magazine Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 [1-DEVICE] Includes a 1-device, 1-Year license
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Oh right well time will tell I suppose


I like it, bitdefender otoh was a pain in the ass and I ended up getting a refund!


So is Kaspersky rubbish then. I was using Bitdefender and it was due for renew so after reading some good reviews I thought I would give it a go.......


You need to keep an eye on Kaspersky, last year they had the Barclays 5 user licence along with a money off code for Kaspersky, £5 off so I ended up paying £1.99 per 5 user licence, bought 6!


[image missing] Look at the cxxt, that should be more than enough to make you boycott Kaspersky forever

Free Computer Active Magazine
-10° Expired
Posted 8th Sep 2015Posted 8th Sep 2015
Free Computer Active Magazine
For all of you computer nerds/nerdettes there's a free magazine issue for computer active!
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Meanwhile, like all good magazines, you can get it free from your local library if they subscribe to Zinio for Libraries.


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.


The promotion has been suspended...

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£1 for 3 issues of computeractive magazine and 1GB USB pen drive
30° Expired
Posted 16th Jul 2015Posted 16th Jul 2015
£1 for 3 issues of computeractive magazine and 1GB USB pen drive£1
£1 for 3 issues of computer active and 1GB USB pen drive. Don't forget to cancel your direct after £1 taken. Topcashback - £7.35

Open In Incognito


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department"


Pretty much as above the cashback will not be paid out unless you purchase a set term subscription rather than just the trial


Yeah its setup for both cashback and goft to be rejected. Though you do get 3 copies of azure magazine for £1 so not all bad but not as attractive as described in the deal


You need to make it clear that the £7.35 via TopCashback, will as is usual, only be paid when you pay for a full subscription, not if you cancel after the £1 for 3 issue trial. There are variable charges for the full sub. If using the TCB link, the magazine delivered in the print only (cheapest) option, does not include the free USB drive. The free gifts offered with Dennis magazines are sometimes only sent after payment for a full sub. What is the origin of your printed listing ?

CyberGhost VPN 5
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Posted 4th Feb 2014Posted 4th Feb 2014
CyberGhost VPN 5
sign up with a uk ip CyberGhost VPN 5 includes a 1-Device, 1-Year license

If you're using this you are missing the point of having a VPN. Read comment #4


yes i have


Has anybody managed to obtain a serial code from this deal and then successfully activated their CyberGhost software with it??? :)


Well, I'm in the UK and I've read copy or two of the mag at some point...


It also says the below, so not sure if there's a cost:- How To Get Your Serial Code Login (create an account if you haven't already done so), then click the "Get Serial Code" button to receive your code. You can find this again in your account, if you need the code in the future.

CyberGhost VPN 5,Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013, RapidCSS 2014 (V12) FREE Software.
-12° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2014Posted 31st Jan 2014
CyberGhost VPN 5,Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013, RapidCSS 2014 (V12) FREE Software.
Maybe useful to hukd Readers. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 is a compact, simple, but surprisingly feature-packed disc burning suite. The program mak… Read more

Ashampoo produce some very good software, worth keeping an eye on them even if this one is not for you. I got Snap 7 for about £4 and it is very useful for me, an equivalent program would be Snagit and the like. This will let you capture almost anything on your screen e.g. video, mouse movement for tutorials, skype calls etc. Snagit 6 is free (again) at the moment and worth a look.


Don't know why this is voted cold I just made 2 accounts and got 2 cyberghost subscriptions for free save me £30 . Cyberghost is great for accessing UK blocked websites and anonymous downloading.


Thank you - cyber ghost is a handy program to have Heat added

AVG PC Tuneup £7.99 @ Computer Active store
-116° Expired
Posted 28th Aug 2012Posted 28th Aug 2012
AVG PC Tuneup £7.99 @ Computer Active store£7.99
This is £25.00 on the AVG website, grab a quick bargain. AVG PC Tuneup 2012 is a comprehensive maintenance tool that will help you cut system clutter, fix Registry problems, apply… Read more
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wow supercontastic


Got this free with a retail version of AVG Security last year. No updates for Tuneup since last November, think i will go back to one of the free versions when it expires.


These tools are available on windows if you have a bit of patience to find out how. Right click on desired hdd 》find disk cleanup. Saved yourself £8 there.


Agree, Ccleaner free and excellent.


I agree lol, but thought this may be of use to someone :)

Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 Ultra 64-bit  £19.95 @ Computer Active
27° Expired
Posted 25th Jul 2012Posted 25th Jul 2012
Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 Ultra 64-bit £19.95 @ Computer Active£19.95
Hi, First post, so be gentle! I've recently bought a new camcorder, HD, so have been on the look out for a decent, but not too expensive video editing package for my pc. After a… Read more

Don't have the latest Intel processor but this software works well for me using the cuda cores in my GTX550i to render HD footage, certainly way faster than Vegas and Premiere elements that I've tried.


From the link, there is also the option to upgrade to V10 from 8/9 for £29.99 with some nice free extras, which I've just done, so looking forward to testing against 9. Update: If you go for V10 Ultra Upgrade with the extra goodies for £29.99 there is no check for a previously installed version, so that makes it even more of a bargain.


good to hear that..... your experience backs up some of the reviews i read. nice to get that additional confidence. i've not used it in anger myself yet though, only downloaded last night, but looking forward to it. yeah, PowerDirector 10 is out, I noticed that...but as far as I could tell it's not that much different..slightly faster maybe and more 3D functionality, but i'm not into 3D so happy with PD9 i think. someone here may be able to educate us further on PD10 though..!


This software supports Intel Quick Sync, which gives phenomenal performance with an Intel GPU. When it first appeared, I ran tests against other leading video editing apps such as Avid Studio and Sony Vegas Studio and when it came to rendering, using the quick sync feature utilising my otherwise pretty mundane Intel HD 3000 display adapter, it was in some instances, 5 times quicker. This is not the latest version of PowerDirector but for this price, it's a great product.

6 Months of Computeractive Magazine for £6; Free 1GB USB Memory Key;
Posted 16th Mar 2012Posted 16th Mar 2012
6 Months of Computeractive Magazine for £6; Free 1GB USB Memory Key;£6
Just has this offer through the post. 6 Months of Computer Active Magazine for £6.00 Free 1GB Memory Stick. (Letter states that "gifts will be sent out on successful renewal pa… Read more
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For anyone wanting 6 months' worth of this magazine, this is an excellent deal. The memory stick's only worth about 50p, so you don't need to worry too much if you don't get it! (_;)


You won't get the 1Gb stick unless you carry on your subscription after the 13 weeks which is £35 for 26 issues.Still not a bad deal @46p per issue for the 1st 13 issues.


carp, was 6p a while ago for 6issues may i add. So * that by 2 add inflation. Come to a total of no more than 20p. This aint a deal, its just better than advertised price of the magzine

Computeractive Magazine 26 issues for £6
-12° Expired
Posted 5th Jan 2012Posted 5th Jan 2012
Computeractive Magazine 26 issues for £6£6
Be quick as for first 250 subscribers only although I do not know if they actually count. as may just be to get more in. Computeractive magazine offer just been emailed to me but l… Read more

Yes it has now expired and I did say first 250 so they were counting. There was a special email link in my email, This was only a shortcut to the direct link on thier website for this offer that anyone could access which is what I put up. Sorry folks.


Was there a special link in your email?.


How do you get this offer? The link just takes you to their general subscription page where Gold subscription is £55.


Me too


Expired, that was quick!

Computer Active Sale Including AVG Anti Virus 2012 for £4.95 (saving £25.04)
14° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2011Posted 26th Nov 2011
Computer Active Sale Including AVG Anti Virus 2012 for £4.95 (saving £25.04)£4.95
Various computer software available at big discounts including AVG 2012 for £4.95. Saving £25.04 on regular Price. Other software at low prices on same site
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Free download: Write novels and films with Celtx @ ComputerActive (PC)
188° Expired
Posted 13th Nov 2011Posted 13th Nov 2011
Free download: Write novels and films with Celtx @ ComputerActive (PC)
Thought this was a nice freebie for anyone dabbling in stories, films, theatre etc This powerful and free program can be used to edit screenplays, prose and storyboards, and to pl… Read more

Not true, see above post...


I used this a lot at univeristy. Tis an extremely good piece of software. Can' t rate it enough. As for the mac download being purchase only - that's rubbish... Here's the link from celtx themselves:


Excellent find!


Hung up over the Wellies.


Thanks, maybe I'll actually write the novel I've been thinking about writing if I actually sit down and plan it!

6 Issues of Computer Active Magazine + 1GB USB Stick for £1 @ Computer Active
355° Expired
Posted 10th May 2011Posted 10th May 2011
6 Issues of Computer Active Magazine + 1GB USB Stick for £1 @ Computer Active£1
From an insert inlatest issue. Either tel 0844 815 0054, quoting ref CM94 or go to, enter code CM94. Cancel the Direct Debit after the first £1 has been… Read more
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pretty sure theyre for existing subs too


Fed up seeing these deals, what about existing subscribers?


Cheers, done. Subscribed to a similar CA deal in the past - cancelling direct debit was all there was to it. Dad enjoys these simple-to-read IT mags so heat added!


Just cancel the DD instruction via your online banking facility - and that's all there is to it.


Great find - just placed the order.

Computeractive 3 issues for 3p
44° Expired
Posted 23rd Jan 2011Posted 23rd Jan 2011
Computeractive 3 issues for 3p£0.03 Computeractive Cover Price: £1.95 Frequency: 26 issues per year Order now for £0.03 Usual Price: £5.85 Save: £5.82 (99%) Monthly (3… Read more
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you could always use the magazines as donations to the local dentist/doctors etc...


Pretty hopeless magazine TBH, seems to be geared towards complete newbies - good if you need to be told where to find the start button or how to remove a USB stick, but a bit of a waste of time otherwise. Also, they quite often have deals of 6 issues for 6p with a free gift - I got a 1Gb USB drive from them a couple of months ago. Thanks for posting, but 3 issues for 3p is a bit of a waste of 3p IMO!

Free software - Ashampoo Winoptimizer 6
26° Expired
Posted 13th May 2010Posted 13th May 2010
Free software - Ashampoo Winoptimizer 6
We're giving away Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6, a full utility program for Windows. Full details and instructions for use are contained in issue 319 of Computeractive magazine. With th… Read more

I'm sure that version 7.01 is also free. (Please don't think I'm knocking your post.)

BUY 4 ISSUES OF COMPUTER ACTIVE FOR £1 AND GET A   Free 1GB Memory Stick Worth £14.99 Terms apply @ Computer Active
-4° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2009Posted 26th Oct 2009
BUY 4 ISSUES OF COMPUTER ACTIVE FOR £1 AND GET A Free 1GB Memory Stick Worth £14.99 Terms apply @ Computer Active£1
Free 1GB Memory Stick Worth £14.99 fill in your details to get 4 issues of Computer Active and a free 1GB USB Stick for £1. These always come in handy and the whole lot for a quid… Read more

buy or borrow the mag :thumbsup: ok [url][/url] 0r 01858 438870 and quote code cp72


Thanks for that.......,but can you give us any info on how to get this deal you mentioned in issue 304.:thumbsup:


Computer Active no 304 pages 72 - 73 .:thumbsup:


wot ,mag is it in for 6p :whistling:


6 issues for 6p plus memory stick , ad in latest mag

Free copy Computeractive magazine until July 10th - need to phone
63° Expired
Posted 4th Jul 2009Posted 4th Jul 2009
Free copy Computeractive magazine until July 10th - need to phone
Free copy Computeractive magazine until July 10th For a free copy of Computeractive magazine phone 0845 357 3608 - Quote code: 'CA' Only available while stocks last. one per hous… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Phoned up. It only took a minute. They try to persuade you to take 3 issues for £1 instead but I just told the guy I didn't have a credit card handy so he didn't push it any further. Free mag on it's way. Hot!