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3 ISSUES FOR £1 TRIAL computer shopper plus 26 piece toolkit
Found 5th Jan 2015Found 5th Jan 2015
havent seen this posted in a while and it seems like a great offer with the toolkit

Yes it's easy to cancel but must be done after getting the second issue otherwise you get charge for 6months but don't worry once done they will still send out the final third issue


The tool kit never arrives. I've tried this offer a few times. I've even rung up and been told it's just been sent out, but it never, ever arrives.


Did you notice the name of it? ;)


So when is the final cancel date, also is it easy to cancel? Thanks.


Worked on my iPhone using Safari.. Thanks!

free issue of computer shopper
Found 12th Jun 2013Found 12th Jun 2013
title -_-
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"Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053. "

3 Issues of Computer Shopper Magazine DVD Edition + 1 GB USB Drive for £1
Found 18th Jan 2012Found 18th Jan 2012
Three months subscription (3 Issues) of Computer Shopper Magazine with DVDs and free 1 GB USB Drive for £1. You can cancel the subscription once your £1 is taken to receive these. … Read more

I think the incentive is 3 issues for £1! Lol have you seen the screwdriver set?


waterden: I've never seen THAT offer???! ;)


You can get that as well when it is on offer :p At the moment it is not.


1gb drive? thats the incentive? thats rubbish i'd rather get another screwdriver set!


Does it really matter? I did not know about the offer, thanks for bringing it to my attention OP. :)

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Complimentary issue of Computer Shopper Magazine
Found 9th Sep 2011Found 9th Sep 2011
Follow the link, complete the form and they will give you a call to confirm your details. They also offered 3 issues for £1, which didn't have to be taken out, but I did.

Bit of a hassle to call again and cancel the subscription, voted cold.


Right-click the link in Google Chrome and select 'Open in incognito window'. Job's a good'un.


"Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053."


these free issues never work ! I have requested mine and never came, might be a scam when either u ring or they ring.

Try Computer Shopper magazine and get a FREE 26 piece toolkit
Found 26th Aug 2011Found 26th Aug 2011
3 issues for £1.00, then £21.99 every 6 issues by direct debit cancel at any time during my 3 issues for £1.00 period and no further money will be debited from account.
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I've got one of these toolkits. Nothing to write home about but it has been useful in the past. You'll have no problems cancelling subscriptions with these people (Dennis Publishing); just a quick phone call and job done. They also have this offer pretty much all the time on all of their computer magazines. I'd recommend Custom PC which is the only one that I have continued my subscription for.


Or you can buy the toolkit for £2 at Home Bargains, and not get involved with the direct debit thing.

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Free issue of Computer Shopper - call and quote reference number "CS3A"
Found 29th Jun 2011Found 29th Jun 2011
Just received a voucher included in packaging for a free copy of Computer Shopper with DVD. Just call 0845 357 7005 and quote reference "CS3A". Haven't called this myself since… Read more

True, but as there's a cost you have to give credit card details, which they'll charge as a subscription if you don't cancel. I was hoping someone might call and see if they'll send the free issue without payment details, as there's no reason to provide them. The card didn't mention any obligation to take out a subscription, or that you have to provide a credit card! I'd call and claim not to have a credit card. If I wasn't already a subscriber... This is one issue only so no protracted period to have to remember to cancel.


or pay a quid and get 3 issues and a wee maglite.


Actually this may be the same offer online (saving the 0845 cost!): Hmmm - interesting - if you click directly via URL from here there's an automatic "abuse of the promotion" page; however if you copy/paste to a different tab/browser it seems to be ok! So copy and paste the above into another tab!

Computer Shopper magazine Free 26 piece toolkit 3 Issues @ £1
Found 19th May 2011Found 19th May 2011
As title says, it was on before but its expired months ago, its back on now. You can cancel anytime if its not for you. The toolkit looks pretty good.
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Going to install mine after my exams etc, I have one already installed on my CPU cooler, its pretty good!


It would seem so, as I also got the fan with mine and it's installed right now. :)


I did the CustomPC deal and I got the fan, it depends on when you signed up.


ordered heat added - ordered pcPro also - get a free maglight solitaire (same deal - 3months for a quid)


Yep they are pretty crap. Saying that It has come in usefull for certain things because of the attachments that come with it. Not bad for a freebie i guess.

3 issues of Computer Shopper for just £1 + FREE Norton 360™ Security Software
Found 27th Sep 2010Found 27th Sep 2010
As a technology enthusiast you already know how satisfying it is to get the most from your PC. Why not save time and effort when it comes to looking for new products and expert adv… Read more

hope they still have some norton in as i done a couple of orders that are due out in couple weeks..


Free gift is just a bloody toolkit now!


received my copy of norton today also.. as above says its 1 year for 3 pcs.. for £1 bargain.. got kaspersky from relative banking with barclays so may even sell the norton on flebay for £20.. and all you that turned ya noses up at it.... LOL


Just received mine in the post and I can confirm it says '1 year Protection for upto 3PCs' on the case. I can understand those who are nervous of or dislike Norton. I too was of the same opinion for years - would not touch it even if free - due to the poor resource usage and other problems I had faced. But after a few good reviews in magazines and positive comments from work colleagues went back to Norton about 18months ago - and have to say have been impressed so far.


The economics behind free AV software such as Avast, AVG, etc is clear enough but at no point are you really forced to buy it. As for substandard comment that's a little unfair I feel, I've been online since early 2000s and over last 5 years have been using nothing but free AV software and I've yet to have any issues whatsoever, more importantly it's also been hassle free to use it. Saying that in terms of protection it's also a lot to do with how well you know your way around the web, I've seen people getting viruses with all sorts of protection on their PCs, paid or free. Even if by the sounds of it Norton has improved vastly (my biggest gripe with it wasn't actually the protection it provided but it being a system hog that was a pain to use) but I just don't see a point of changing my AV from a stage where it works just fine for free to something that I will have to pay for in future hence why my comment.

3 issues of Computer Shopper for just £1 + FREE 26-piece toolkit
Found 10th May 2010Found 10th May 2010
3 issues of Computer Shopper for just £1 + FREE 26-piece toolkit

Good price, but don't expect too much from the toolkit (took up this offer over a year ago, toolkit ok for occasional use)


heat added....good price.


Seconded. The production cost of the magazines and toolkit would surely exceed £1 alone, anyway. Granted, it has - still doesn't mean it's not a good price for what you get :p

anthony712 Already been posted today but with Maglite torch Also the 3 Issues for a £1 has been on since the year dot ;-(


Hold on...3 issues of the magazine AND a toolkit for a £1 is cold?? jeeeeez some people??

3 Issues of Computer Shopper + free Maglite - £1!
Found 10th May 2010Found 10th May 2010
Difficult to prove this one but I have just done it and got my maglite. Go to the link provided. It was advertised in last months mag. Similar to auto express offer! :) Why not d… Read more

Just received my maglite - no complaints for £1! Small, not terribly powerful, but will be more than enough to navigate at night. Thanks TS.


The thing is now, which mage do you go for. The computer shopper, or the pc pro? As they are both same company. If I remeber rightly, compuer shopper is a good read on some of articles they have, thou, to many bloody adverts. I say 4 fiths of magzine is adverts. Not sure on pc pro thou. I know it's a more expensive magzine


Yea, just cancel it at your bank. Shouldn't be any problem there. I got this maglite free with auto-express. It's tiny, not much bigger then the single AAA it uses. Hot deal as the free DVD always has at least 1 useful program on it. Like 6 months of Norton Internet Security a couple of months ago. :thumbsup:


'if' you use internet banking then after the £1 is deducted just cancel it, no need to phone or anything Ive done this several times, i still received all the subscription i paid for and the free gift if it had one with zero issues heat added and ive ordered mine, its actually not a bad magazine too which is a plus ;)


I didnt call. Ify you look at the address bar it includes the offer code.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 9.5 free on cover disk of Computer Shopper June 2010.
Found 16th Apr 2010Found 16th Apr 2010
I've been using this for some time, and its a powerful and reliable partition and disk image manager. Lifetime licence requires online registration.

ubcd4win king of kings lord of lords.


Hiren's definitely isn't legal. You could use UBCD with it's suite of FREE utils, although it doesn't get updated enough recently. Techsupportalert has this list of recommended FREE partition managers : UBCD


What with all the talk of legality, this download isn't...


But who are the idiots? According to the Manufacturer it doesn’t support Windows 7 so do you suggest we ignore them and listen to you? “Partition Manager 9.5 doesn’t support Windows 7. Partition Manager 10 currently provides full Windows 7 support.” Not that it matters as Version 10 is available as a free download anyway which makes this deal redundant.


its free anyhow from download .com and yes it works with win 7 dont listen to the idiots thats posting in here .....good software if you need it......:thumbsup:

Free copy of Computer Shopper (0845 phone call)
Found 6th Apr 2010Found 6th Apr 2010
Get a free copy of Computer Shopper worth £4.99. Phone 0845 357 7005 and quote ref ECS2 You will need to tell them you got a voucher in Web User magazine. I've just phoned - the… Read more
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There is no related webpage - don't know why it's linking to another website!


We can't find the page you're looking for, try checking the address you typed in. If this happens a lot you can email us at and we'll have to look into it.

Norton Internet Security 2010 free with Computer Shopper May 2010
Found 15th Mar 2010Found 15th Mar 2010
Free Software and 6 months of updates for one of the best full featured PC security suites with the May edition of Computer Shopper magazine. Of course you could also subscribe and… Read more

I did have norton 2009 antivirus and it was quite good, wasn't overly impress with Norton 2010 Internet Security as it did seem to slow my pc down but not as much as Kaspersky. I then used Avast and was impressed at first but then encoutered problems with it on downloads :( so now I am on to viper antivirus and it seems OK at the moment. I am only after a anti-virus and anti-spyware as happy with windows firewall and the one that comes with my router :) I have installed MS security essentials on a few PC's and it works well but it is better when you are behind a router with a SP firewall. This looks a good deal as Norton did run quite well but could only find cheap deals on the full secuirty suite which did slow my PC down :( but it worked well for my mum. Heat added !! :)


i have used avg, did not like it


repped :thumbsup:


Very good product according to,2817,2351871,00.asp


i've been looking for a good deal for NIS as my current subscription for NIS 2009 ends soon. I think this is a great deal, and furthermore, you can also get additional 90 days free from symantec website directly: ] I don't want to engage in the dispute over which product is better. In the tests and reviews I've read, Norton always came up best overall. some products performed better than Norton in some tasks, with kaspersky being usually closest, but overall norton performed best. therefore i've chosen to use it, just in case having additional software as well. I don't want to say bad things about other programmes (except microsoft suite, which feeds a lot of info about users back to microsoft), as it is always better to have some kind of protection than nothing at all.

3 Issues of Computer Shopper for £1 + Free PC Tool Kit
Found 5th Mar 2010Found 5th Mar 2010
3 Issues of Computer Shopper for £1 + Free PC Tool Kit **As usual - You need to cancel the Direct Debit after the £1 is taken otherwise you will subscribe to further issues** Co… Read more
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Tool kit is great especially when PC building.


Have one of mine; I've got loads of these around the house from all these deals! :roll:


I've seen these toolkits in pound shops


I signed up to PC Pro using one of these about four years ago. Still waiting for my free tool kit :cry:

How To Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments For the Armchair Scientist - £5.59
Found 5th Jun 2008Found 5th Jun 2008
Save 30%.Might be useful :o) Also this one:- 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius ps please change anything,my… Read more

Hi,didn't have time,else i would have used pricechecker's etc etc + first deal,still got to work out a few things.So assumed someone would find a better price,then it wouldn't be too bad a deal or at least interesting.Other book don't look too bad too. Cheers BOB


No vote from me as it is neutral - poor price but interesting book I think


Mums-in Law?? :whistling:


Voted Cold due to the deal at ]Book Rabbit For what its worth, I picked this up on eBay along with a copy of "Does anything eat wasps" for a total of £3.50. -- f.


Hi,price is cold,but might get from Amazon :thumbsup: for a laugh.Just signed up for that free month trial,of Amazon prime.Or get from other link. Cheers BOB.