Concept EX Saddle £12 at Wiggle (usually £29.99)

Concept EX Saddle £12 at Wiggle (usually £29.99)

Found 4th Nov 2009
Concept EX Saddle £12 at Wiggle (usually £29.99)

* Length: 295mm
* Width: 135mm
* Black cromo rails

Performance saddles are narrower than the models designed for shorter ride comfort. They're intended for riders who have a committed riding style with weight on hands and feet so they're narrower and lighter. High tech padding materials and flexible body designs keep your pressure points comfortable and lightweight chassis components keep the weight down. Most have some kind of ergonomic design to reduce pressure on nerves and allow unrestriced blood flow to your sensitive areas. Womens models have a wider design to suit their naturally wider pelvis. Saddle widths vary across the ranges from narrow (upto 130mm), medium (upto 138mm) to wide (upto 146mm). Narrower saddles are the popular choice for longer distance riders as they do not cause the hips to be placed in an unnatural position. Wider saddles will often feel comfortable initially due to their greater surface area but then progressively decrease in comfort as the miles increase, the correct choice of saddle is a case of getting the balance between initial comfort and overall comfort.
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