Condemned on Xbox 360 £17.99 Delivered !!

Condemned on Xbox 360 £17.99 Delivered !!

Found 10th Aug 2006

I've had so many good decent deals from this site and thought it was about time I registered. Here is a good deal Condemned on Xbox 360 for £17.99 free delivery from I ordered a copy this afternoon cant wait!!.


edited post for all the flack it got, sorry to all

nice find mate, thank you very much, typically....I cant find my credit card to buy it :x

hmm......after 46,000 d/loads it got an 8.8/10 on so cant be thaaat bad, im sure their are worse titles, and at a snip at £17.99 cant go wrong, it goes for more than that on ebay !

This gets good reviews.At metacritic it gets 82% average from 68 reviewers.

It maybe a bit short to be worth £40 but for £18 this has got to be a good buy if u like these types of game.I played the demo and the graphics looked pretty good to me.

Good spot.It's nice to see the first round of 360 games starting to come down in price.....:grin:

Condemned is an outstanding game, id probably put the single player mode above GRAW anyday, a little short, but a fantastic game.

I paid full wack back months ago, so this is a steal, you wont regret buying it, and at that price, you cant!

Condemned is a great solo player game, along with Full auto, Amped and Outfit that are also in the sale for £17.99.

Fwibble, what the hell are you talking about? Condemned looks worse than N64? Right... The graphics are excellent and the lighting really eerie. I couldn't get away with the gameplay, I found it a little intense, but it's certainly worth a punt at £17.99.

Picked up Condemned at launch, definitely worth £17.99.
Worse graphics than N64? There's probably more texture data on a single lead pipe than in an entire N64 game

maybe he has a black and white telly

Good point, without an HD TV the 360 doesn't look quite as nice!

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Hi guys glad to be of help.

I have just noticed another bargain Oblivion for £27.89 on, the site is showing it a temporarily out of stock but you can still place an order.

Heres the link :…256

What a load of fwibble.

Condemned is a great game, completed it the other day and to be honest I have never been so scared and tense when playing a game.
Infact, I couldn't play it on my own!

£17.99 is a great price for this game, you will not be disappointed......ignore fwibble, he doesn't know what he's talking about.....N64 has better graphics?? ARE YOU VISUALLY IMPAIRED???!

Well shut my mouth fwibble hmmm,

Firstly I stated in my comment that the review I gave was in no way meant to offend RockstarRob.

Secondly, yeah my tv's crap, but not black and white. If I had enough money to get a proper High Definition TV and not just high definition support tv, then I wouldn't hang around a forum on how to save a few quid here or there.

Thirdly also stated in my previous comment, I said this is the opinion of 8 minds (myself and a friend) - its an opinion, if comments & opinions weren't meant for forums, then the strength of forums would be weak.

anyway enough ranting

have a nice day.

PS my eyesight is fine thank you.

Opinions are fine, damn right lunacy is not.

The best if not one of; games on the 360. I should know, played most! :thumbsup:

Loving the £18ness of 360 games.
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