Condiment Gun - £17.98 - Shiny Shack
Condiment Gun - £17.98 - Shiny Shack

Condiment Gun - £17.98 - Shiny Shack

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Serious stuff, sauce. After all, burger, chips, hotdogs are nothing without the required squirt of ketchup or mustard.

Don't go to the table unarmed and risk a sauce-less meal. Lock and load with the Condiment Gun and ketchup will only ever be a trigger squeeze away.

To get ready for action, simply fill one of the squeezy cartridges with your favourite sauce, load it into the barrel of the Condiment Gun and then you're armed and ready for some squirting action.

Be a hero at every barbecue you attend as you ride to the rescue with your Condiment Gun.


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I can see dinnertime being a very messy affair!

FUN..........but.................(awaits the anti gun brigade to enter) :thumbsup:

It 'may' encourage people to go out and buy a real gun and mow someone down for a laugh, it may only be a sauce dispenser to you but the implications are far reaching.....etc...etc

good for a food fight but seems expensive for what it is.

At nearly £18 for a gimmick, I cannot see it selling millions.

For that reason, I will not be investing today.

it seems that young robinson was right in his invention then !!!
this product was in meet the robinsons

This looks like fun...at a better price I'd probably buy one for a laugh.

I got one for a mates birthday for a bit less (15 quid) from firebox

I got one from firebox.co.uk for 14.95 for a mates birthday.
He was well made up - it comes out at every BBQ now!!

big fella;3317381

He was well made up

Does that mean he wore make up? Or was he wearing a clown suit?

Lady clown suits are all the rage now

Can we make this the coldest deal 2008?
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