Condorman DVD only £5.99 at HMV delivered (Total nostalgia!)

Condorman DVD only £5.99 at HMV delivered (Total nostalgia!)

Found 18th Dec 2008
Cheesy 80's movie which people remember fondly (when they remember it). I remember seeing this in a double bill at the cinema which I think was with one of the old live action spiderman movies!

The closest price I found for this DVD is £12.99 anywhere else.

Great movie at a good price.

Official Blurb:

Condorman is a winged creature created by a cartoonist who adopts its identity. Great special effects and crazy comedy.

* Aspect Ratio - 2.35:1 Widescreen
* Dolby Surround 2.0
* Languages - English, French, German
* Subtitles - English, English For The Hearing Impaired, French, German
* Region 2 / PAL / Colour
* Running Time Approx. 87 Minutes


Well it is £11.98 at Amazon, and £11.99 at Play, so you didn't look very hard before settling on £12.9 elsewhere! :P

Only joking, very good price it seems! Hot from me.

the days when video shops were aplenty
i used to get this or clash of the titans
mega film

i remember going to watch this for someones birthday. remeber it being on a par with the old spiderman

cool film

Great film when I was 7 years old , probably a bit painful to watch now…ted

Bought this when it was on here a couple of months ago…qu/

It's not a very good quality DVD, but, worth having for the fact it's Condorman.
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