Conflict : Denied OPS (PS3) - just £21.99 or less delivered @ Powerplaydirect!

Conflict : Denied OPS (PS3) - just £21.99 or less delivered @ Powerplaydirect!

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Found 6th Mar 2008
Get Conflict : Denied OPS (PS3) for just £21.99 or less delivered @ Powerplaydirect! Use discount code: PP-02-DISCOUNT to get an extra 2% Off your order !

Conflict: Denied Ops features two agents from the CIAs Special Activities Division (SAD). Their mission: to prevent a third-world dictatorship from gaining nuclear weapons; a mission which will take them across three continents and pit them against the ambitious, powerful and dangerous men who control the nuclear arms smuggling trade.
With the ability to play as either agent, you can switch between two very different characters, manoeuvre them rapidly into position and take full advantage of their individual skills and weapons. This is the essence of the game: each agent working with and protecting the other to create the perfect Denied Ops team.


yeah I don't like it that much, graphics are quite nice but the enemy AI is quite bad and the actual gameplay is a bit naff, although 2 player co-op will be quite good fun!
Good price though, but probably due to not able to sell it!

Awful game!

For those who can wait I predict this to slide even further in price very soon!


The game isn't great but the price is, voted hot:thumbsup:

When it drops to a tenner then it gets my vote!


With this game they are stealin u'r money. No offence to original poster. I appreciate the posting.Who know's...with a PS3, it might be worthwhile. ANyone who has played PS3, can you give your view of game on that console.

This game has a very 'budget' feel about it.Army of Two may be a better bet for those looking for a co-op shooter.
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