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£20 Free FuelInsure your car with and get £20 free fuel
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
How do I claim? To be eligible to claim the reward, you’ll need to have purchased a single annual car insurance policy through between 1st October 2018 and14th Nov… Read more

Can't remember the last time I saw a texaco petrol station




Because its already been posted before.


I'm just curious as to why this is being voted cold? I'm renewing my insurance today and confused it bring me the same quotes as the other providers, but obviously has this as an added bonus - is there any glaring reason I should avoid/people are voting cold?


Why would I want free fuel when I can get a carboot meerkat for free elsewhere?! (lol)

Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco vouchers Just had to renew car insurance and they beat my quote by over £120 which was great and on top just… Read more
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Well, normally you use Confused or similar (personally I never use Confused on principle because of the annoying adverts) to get the list with prices. Then check the best ones on Quidco/TCB. I shop around every year and it's always better to buy insurance via a cashback site. House insurance (small house) always costs me close to zero after the cashback.


upto £105 on morethan, confused gave me £120 cheaper than my morethan renewal, not much in it, plus dont have to wait for cash to come back. But thanks for the link.

grumbler >> sort by Highest £


You could always share with everyone and provide a link.


Who on earth damages their car by buying fuel from Texaco?!

Up to £260 Gift Card after six months with new Life Insurance policies at Confused
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Hey guys, If you take out a life insurance policy via Confused you can get a gift card worth up to £260. How much you’ll get depends on how much your premiums costs. A monthly … Read more
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bossshed. ha ha anything for some gift vouchers


Just to advise, there is a central database known as the IFR (Insurance Fraud Register) that insurance companies use to share information. Failure to declare health conditions just to obtain a cheap quote may result in problems in the future. Not saying it applies to you, but the risk is there. Always best to be truthful when applying for an insurance policy.


Yep. Just posted


Just have a search on here. It’s where I got mine. Partner did the same. Got about £350 worth for £50 outlay. Through Scottish friendly and money supermarket Scottish friendly was an ISA. Pay first month then cancel. MS was life insurance. Pay 3 months and cancel. Also, if you smoke and drink, no need to tell them as you only want the cheapest quote as you will be cancelling after 3 months. So just tell them a few white lies to get your monthly premium low. Myself and my partner have already had our gift cards with no problems. On the lookout for some more!


Would love to know through where you can get that too.

Petrol for 107.7p per litre in Leigh, Greater Manchester @ Sainsbury's and Morrisons
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
Too good a price for me to not post this. Both Morrisons and Sainsbury's in Leigh, Greater Manchester have petrol at 107.7ppl at the moment. This is the cheapest I have seen it in … Read more

Sorry to let the facts get in the way of an ill informed comment like this, however, perhaps we can get one or two things accurate before posting? Firstly, Leigh in the Borough of Wigan has rarely been a high crime area within Greater Manchester , never mind nationally, therefore please be balanced when making comments relating to criminality. Secondly, the new Mayor of Greater Manchester was the MP for Leigh for some years during which time significant progress was made with partnership agencies to refresh the area.Thirdly, companies such as Sainsbury's , Tesco, Asda, B and Q, Morrisons, Cineworld, Nando's, Frankie and Bennys and Marks and Spencer have all developed a not insignificant presence in Leigh. Fourthly, The guided bus way from Manchester City Centre ends in Leigh which seems to be having a significant and positive impact in the area. I do not live in Leigh but have business interests in the area. In my view there is a lot to like about Leigh. I am impressed by the super people and the positive progress that has been and is being made in areas such as the development of a marina. Perhaps in future it would be helpful to make balanced and constructive comments rather then making comments such as this which have little relevance to the original post.


Tha knows nowt.


Exactly what I was going to say - it's been that price for weeks here.


Been past a whole load of supermarkets (mainly Tesco) that are still selling petrol at 114.9p today. I just don't understand the price difference. I know it differs from place to place but don't ever remember seeing such vast differences from the same supermarkets in the past. Pretty poor by them. Even Asda fuel prices are vastly differing at the moment. Saw it at 108.7 one place and then 112.9 the next.


Worst accent in the country. exclusive £5k Deposit Towards Golf GT £299.95 a month (Total amount of credit £20,144.31)
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017 exclusive £5k Deposit Towards Golf GT £299.95 a month (Total amount of credit £20,144.31)
Yes I know lease deals can be very cheap but this 4yr PCP has a very low £310 deposit a realistic 10kpa mileage and a couple of free services for a luxury car that returns 50+ mpg.… Read more
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I genuinely don't MK4 golfs are plagued with problems.


I wouldn't use the word 'luxury' with a VW lol


I was about to write a really long post then I saw the car is a diesel. With how the government is looking at penalising diesel drivers are you sure the car will be worth £8.5k in 4 years time.


I'm sure you can get a golf r for this pr


I agree if you are going to try and find an argument based on yet more monthly payments it will go wrong somewhere along the line.If you don't its a cheap car at the end of 4 years.

Get £2.41 cashback for just doing a home insurance quote!
LocalLocalFound 18th Oct 2016Found 18th Oct 2016
Get £2.41 cashback for just doing a home insurance quote!
Was looking for home insurance quotes and found this. If I'm not wrong it's £2.32 cashback just for performing a quote and not purchasing anything. Ending up getting it from Tesco … Read more

Carpets and kitchen cabinet doors come under contents, so as long as you have at least those you can buy cover.


Sweet, bit like getting comp over third party car insurance. I was under the impression that since our valuables are stashed we literally had no contents to insure.


I work for a very large home insurance company and, unless there's any reason that you can't, always try an combine your buildings and contents into one policy as it's often cheaper than just doing the buildings separately. This is because they offer discounts for combining the two - usually around 25-30% - and since buildings is so much more expensive than contents it can actually bring the total costs down. As an example: Building cover costs £200 Contents cover costs £50 Combining the two and getting 25% off would make the total cost £187.50, cheaper than just doing the buildings alone despite getting more cover.


My area is renowned for break ins so it is likely that. But this was just building.


I went through topcashback with tesco bank for contents and building yesterday 10/20, came in cheapest by some distance £105. Should be £30 cashback on that too but it hasnt tracked as yet. £21 a month seems quite steep to me...but then I guess its all based on circumstances.

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Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card 40 months
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card 40 months
ewards & details The UK's longest ever balance transfer period, pay 0% for 40 months. A handling fee of 2.99% will be applied and added to the total amount of credit owed. Tra… Read more
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just what I need for Christmas lol thanks

Free Brian the robot 2014 calendar to download from
Found 16th Dec 2013Found 16th Dec 2013
Free Brian the robot 2014 calendar to download from
As the title states 2014 free downloadable calendar Brian the ROBOT

Naffest advert I've seen for a long time.


My that thing gets on my mamaries! oO

Exclusive FREE £2 cashback for genuine quotes, car insurance
Found 7th Mar 2013Found 7th Mar 2013
Exclusive FREE £2 cashback for genuine quotes, car insurance
Carry out a free quote and get an exclusive £2 cashback! Deal ends on the 17th of March!

didnt work


Be careful doing loads they show up on your credit file.


Yes, the correct link, that requires you to be a meber of Quidco. This offer has been available for the last year:-


Shouldnt the link go to quidco rather than to direct?


how do they verify if a quote is genuine?

Double Nectar points via Confused - Claim 2,000 / 10,000 points selected policies
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Double Nectar points via Confused - Claim 2,000 / 10,000 points selected policies
OK - I know a lot of people don't like Nectar as they rewards dont stack up that fast, but a lot of people like to take advantage of stacking them up to use for NEXT Christmas. I a… Read more
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What they said ^^^ Cold as ice


Or, instead of £20 worth of Nectar points, you could have gone through Quidco or Top Cashback for up to £100 in cash! Depending on the insurers you chose it's not likely to be that close to £100, but it should be more than £20 - and in actual cash you can spend as and when you like.

FREE Phone holder and charger for car, possible free £25 cheque just for driving via
Found 22nd Aug 2012Found 22nd Aug 2012
FREE Phone holder and charger for car, possible free £25 cheque just for driving via
All you have to do is drive properly like i know all HUKD members do! Download this App: Sorry only for An… Read more

I only just got mine today after 2 emails so persistant works, not a bad bit of kit either although I do wish it would expand vertically and not just horizontal as would like my S3 completely locked into place when using sat nav


I have given up on getting the car cradle, sigh. I filled in the form and everything.


If you haven't had a replacement cheque by now it looks like you never will..... Got a charger though so persuing them for a new cheque.... still a shambles. Dear Mr ...... Thank you for contacting us regarding your cheque; apologies for the delay in our reply. We have now re-issued a cheque to all eligible customers, but I can see that you weren’t included in the re-issued files. This would either be because we were unable to match your original claim to your MotorMate user profile with the email address you had entered on your claim, or because we had already issued the £25 cashback reward to someone in your household. The email address entered on your claim for the £25 cashback reward was ‘*****’. If you entered a different email address when you registered your MotorMate profile and you have now driven 250 miles or more using the App, please reply to confirm which email address you have used, and we will investigate to see if we are able to amend the claim form for you. If you're unsure of the email address you entered when you registered your MotorMate profile, please go to the MotorMate App on your mobile phone and click the 'Info' button, as the email address associated with your MotorMate profile should be displayed there. Please be aware that only one of each reward will be dispatched per household and per email address; click here to read the full Terms and Conditions of the reward offers. I hope this information helps.


Why did you say anyways with an s on the end? Are you american, or is it something you've picked up off the internet or watching television?


I started doing this a month after it was posted so in September, as I still had an iPhone at the time this was posted and then switched to an Android to do this. I did 25 miles but never received anything to fill out for the free cradle and charger until I looked into through the pages in this thread and found I could apply for the cradle through a link which I did. - In which I still not received. I just carried on using the app until I gained 250 miles out of, after I received an email saying "Well done! You have your MotorMark Score Claim your £25 reward!" filled out the link (this was 15th October), to only just receive the cheque on Friday. Not too bad I guess £25 to use an app for travels that your going to do anyways.

25% off V Festival Ticktets with Red Camping - Hylands Park, Chelmsford - £135
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
25% off V Festival Ticktets with Red Camping - Hylands Park, Chelmsford - £135
Get 25% off the list price for the a Weekend ticket with camping - now reduced by £45 to £135 for the weekend. Great if you need a ticket last min and a quality line up. Hylands … Read more

Interesting that a lot of festivals haven't sold out this year. Apparently there are still Reading weekend tickets still available too.




Try this: Direct Link


That didn't last long.


It was definitely there when I first clicked on the link however it has since been removed.