Connect 8" 32GB Windows 10 Tablet - £39.99 - eBuyer

Connect 8" 32GB Windows 10 Tablet - £39.99 - eBuyer

Found 25th Nov 2016
Affordable performance

Incredible value for money, this powerful tablet from Viglen (XMA) combines performance with affordability. Packed with features, the Connect 8 boasts an eight inch IPS touch screen, front & rear cameras, and an Intel quad-core processor. Able to slip easily into a pocket or bag, the Connect 8 ticks all the boxes for convenient and portable computing.

Windows 10

Pick up the tablet and you will be ready to go as soon as you power it on. With Windows 10 and Office Mobile preinstalled everything will be familiar to you. All your existing Windows software can be loaded onto the tablet making it the ideal tool whether you are relaxing or working on the go. With Windows 10 you are in complete control and can easily switch between all your Windows devices.

Intel at its core

The heart of any tablet PC is its CPU. The Connect 8 is powered by an Intel 1.33GHz quad-core processor which delivers the performance demanded by discerning users. To back up the power of its Intel processor, the tablet also has 32GB of integrated solid state storage along with 1GB of memory. Whether streaming multimedia or working on a spreadsheet, this tablet can handle it all.

IPS screen

The responsive eight inch touch IPS screen provides a crisp, detailed, and vivid display with a resolution of 1280 x 800. The larger screen size makes this an ideal device on which to work whilst commuting or even when enjoying a flat white in a coffee shop. However, the versatility of the Connect 8 means it is also the perfect tool for making presentations (or watching movies) as it can easily be connected to larger screens via HDMI or by utilising its wireless connectivity.
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Tempted to buy one at this price. Thanks Buzz

Tempted to buy one at this price. Thanks Buzz

Don't bother,its absolutely dire,I gave mine to a charity shop as it's frustratingly slow
Could I use this for Xbox One game streaming?
ebuyer are not the most helpful company
Good price. I've had a play with one of these. Decent enough. Kind of tempted myself just for some web and YouTube and media.
Excellent value for the price. Perfectly adequate for most day-to-day tasks. Those who intend to do any video processing might find it a little disappointing, though.
absolutely terrible. burn your cash.....its the same thing. avoid avoid avoid.
Is Office 365 Personal included in this tablet?
Could i use this as a satnav running copilot?
Insane value for money! How on earth do they make any money on these things?

I remember when an MP3 player with a little tiny black and white screen would cost this kind of money. Now you are getting a full on Windows computer with a full colour 10-point multi touch display that can do a lot more than just play MP3s! It can run any software you want. There is no need to "root" it, or "hack" it or install "custom firmware" like you would need to do with other devices. Because it's Windows, it can already run any software you want out of the box. It can do anything.

I never thought I'd see the day when you could carry a Windows PC in your pocket for £39. The world has gone mad!

This is the best value tablet deal in the history of tablets. You are getting a HUGE amount of stuff for £39. Heat added!
Would someone be kind enough to give me the touch driver's version and date please?
It is a "KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device" under "Human Interface Devices" on the tablet's "Device Manager".
I know this is not a support forum, but believe it or not I haven't been able to get this information from Tesco nor Viglen, nor even from Silead!

Currently £37.95. … Currently £37.95.

Amazing the difference £2.04 can make, eh?

Amazing the difference £2.04 can make, eh?

Indeed, and the first line of that deal was simpler, less 'corporate' and possibly more realistic: "Cheaper than before. Low spec but it must be good for something.".

Other things that work (apart from £2.04) are the inducement of a possible Office 365 subscription on a Linx 7:…898
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