Connect 8" Tablet Intel Atom Quad Core 1GB RAM 32GB HDD Wi-Fi Windows 10 Black £40 @ ebay (tesco outlet)

Connect 8" Tablet Intel Atom Quad Core 1GB RAM 32GB HDD Wi-Fi Windows 10 Black £40 @ ebay (tesco outlet)

Found 8th Jun 2017
Not the fastest tablet in the world but seems to be on par with the linx vision tablets. Pair it with one of these controllers and you have a servicable indie machine for less than 60 quid. It won't exactly beat a Switch but the indie games will be a lot cheaper!

Comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Add 2 x Brand New Miffy Nijntje @ £6.50 & get both for £41.85
Can anybody recommend case for this? Bought for the little one but need armour case otherwise it will be destroyed within a day!

Thanks OP.
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I have a 1gb 10 inch tablet with otherwise identical specs, the 1gb alone makes this almost unusable.
I also have a linx 10 inch 2gb version, which chuggs along miles better, it's on the lowest possible end of usable, whereas the 1gb is totally unusable. I use it as monitor for my.cctv ( it dials in to the DVR via a web browser and the app is very light, it still struggles).
I would say save your hard earned pennies and get something with 2gb.
arggghhhh....such a piece of garbage. slow, laggy, vague touchscreen and the best thing about it is how fast it will start to crash and freeze.
I've got one of these, for the price it does the job but is slow and the touchscreen in landscape never calibrates properly. Was great for loading movies on for the kids on holiday though.
Being a Windows 10 tablet it's not the best tablet for kids. I've had one of these for about a year and it's so slow I never bother to use it. An android tablet is 100 times better
I have one of these too. I only used it briefly for browsing and it runs bittorrent fine. I don't understand why the manufacturers insist on putting the fully bloated Windows 10 on it. It would make more sense and make the things 100% more usable to have Windows XP on them, maybe Windows 7 at a push. But having Windows 10 with the Store, the whole Metro interface interchangeable with desktop/tablet view, Windows firewall with advanced settings, all admin tools, Windows defender and an overall system that's at least 5 times the size Windows XP's was is just insane. Either make the ROM big enough and put a better processor and more RAM in these tablets or don't bother making them. Or at least make RAM expandable by the user. 1GB of RAM struggles to handle Android 7 in tablets and you're expecting it to run the full Windows 10 ecosystem plus whatever the user installs themselves? It's a rip-off.
One day when I can be bothered I'll clean the dust off mine, wipe it clean inside and install Android x86, Windows XP and/or Windows 7 lite and dual boot into a much faster more enjoyable device that can run most apps and has about twice the user data space as these overbloated slabs of brick.
The one good thing to them (at least on mine) is that they come with a full sized USB port meaning you can install Android, Linux, or Windows XP Windows 7 lite onto a stick and set it to boot from the USB bypassing Windows 10 and being able to run any of these systems and others direct from your live USB stick. You're still going to be hampered by the slowdown of using a USB as the host of your system, WiFi connections might prove impossible, driver issues probable, and although you bypass Windows 10 to an extent by booting straight to your USB it will still be chugging away in the background at a lower power consumption level and still with 1GB of RAM maximum, which is why I'd favour just wiping the whole dammed thing and replacing it with a more manageable system. And if it doesn't work, who cares? Toss it in the bin which is where it'll end up anyway if you persist in running the ever-expanding-in-size Windows 10 that grinds it to a halt if you do anything overly-strenuous like start up a YouTube video on it.
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