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Denon Heos 1 HS2 Internet radio, Bluetooth - Twin Pack - White £245 -  Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Denon Heos 1 HS2 Internet radio, Bluetooth - Twin Pack - White £245 - Conrad Electronic UK£245
Description Amazing sound from a compact, portable speaker. The compact enclosure features humidity resistance, making the HEOS 1 ideal for listening in damp or steamy environm… Read more

Thanks for the post. It looked like a very good deal and Denon have always been a premium product. Glad they're moisture proof as whoever got them will be crying tears of joy.


Bah :( thanks for the post anyway. I'll have to look for another xmas pressie for meself


It most certainly was a twin pack when I posted it, but now it's not showing. Time to expire.


I'm not that old (well, I keep telling myself that) and I don't see the twin pack anywhere on the site either. I was quite tempted by this.


It might just my ageing eyes or the meaty description but where does it say you get the twin pack on the link? It reads like you can link two together but that's going to cost the same again.

Bresser Optik Biolux CEA USB Microscope Set 40-1024x £98.99 > £79.99 + £6.99 del - £86.98 Conrad Electronic
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Posted 4th Apr 2017Posted 4th Apr 2017
Bresser Optik Biolux CEA USB Microscope Set 40-1024x £98.99 > £79.99 + £6.99 del - £86.98 Conrad Electronic£86.98
£99.54 @ amazon Highlights & details USB eyepiece for connecting to a PC Magnification: 40x - 1024x Extensive range of accessories Description The Bresser Optik Biolux CEA U… Read more

A G&T and a quick hello is much cheaper than stalking from afar! <3


Bresser were known for quality optics just hope they haven't been bought out like most companies whose name is used to sell interior products


Good little gift for a first timer


I bought a Bresser microscope with USB camera from Lidl a few years ago. The camera is rubbish but the microscope is stonkingly good quality for the price. I expect this would be the same.


No information on the resolution of the USB camera and poor reviews on Amazon.

Logitech Z533 Multimedia 2.1 PC Speakers 120W £57.99 @ Conrad
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Posted 4th Jan 2016Posted 4th Jan 2016
Logitech Z533 Multimedia 2.1 PC Speakers 120W £57.99 @ Conrad£57.99
Cheapest I've seen this. £79.99 from Amazon/Currys Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speakers Technical data 120-watts peak power / 3 Inputs Total RMS power 120 W RMS front 60 W Headphon… Read more


Is it a detachable cable?


'Conrad UK' - Should send a UK plug. Also.. 11 reviews in total, not very reliable.

Aretak Seems like they're a German company and ship from there, meaning you'll likely end up with a European plug to contend with.



Honeywell evohome starter kit (inc 3x tvr) £215.00 @ Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 19th Oct 2015Posted 19th Oct 2015LocalLocal
Honeywell evohome starter kit (inc 3x tvr) £215.00 @ Conrad Electronic UK£215
Honeywell,THR993RT,Heat-sink thermostats,heat-thermostat,Heating regulator,Thermostats,Thermo-radio switch,Thermostat radio switch,Energy saver regulator,Wireless thermometer,Heate… Read more

Hi, sorry to regurgitate an old thread, this is now 235, the relay kit is 50 quid so 285 total for the same kit as the modern Wi-Fi controller, only with 3 trv. I'd cope with the upside down display for that this the right relay kit? Honeywell RFG100 Connected Thermostat Mobile Access Kit Thanks..


Just bought the EvoHome system myself last week and fitted it this week (still waiting on the radiator valves but from the video mentioned above it seems easy enough). The wireless controller fitting job was easy enough if you already have the connections from the boiler from an existing wireless system. Since I've done a LOT of research before buying this, I thought I'd share my knowledge. This is a good price - I was actually gutted when I saw it as it's a lot less than I paid, however a bit more digging and I found why it's less - it's the European model. The Radiator valves are upside down if you put them on standard UK radiators. Not a big deal, but problematic for me personally. It's the display on the valves that will be upside down, i.e. the temperature will have to be read upside down so not a big deal at all especially if the valves will be set once and then hidden/ignored. This could be used as your first pack for radiators for that purpose and then the more expensive UK versions for the rest of the radiators. If you don't need the ability to control your heating via the internet/smapartphone then the older wireless model is ATP921G2080 (roughly around £160) - the latest model is ATP921R3100 (roughly around £220) which has built-in WiFi for internet control. You can buy an additional wifi hub for the older version at around £50, but if you need wifi you are best getting the latest model as it'll save you one plug socket, electricity and space. I went for the older version as my system is all based on time and certain rooms being required at those times although while setting it up it has been a pain having to keep going to the controller and not just being able to use my phone to tweak it (just as I would set something to record on my Sky+ app). Also I believe the latest version has more schedules per zone, so gives greater control. The cheapest I could find the radiator valves for to create zones was £194 for 4 - the standard price seems to be around £200-£220. I got my stuff from PlumbNation as that was the cheapest - it's the first time I have used them so can't comment on customer service, returns etc. One last thing, my Antivirus Avast blocks the Conrad link, not sure if it's being over protective or if the site actually does have Malware on it, but thought I'd mention it.


Where can i find the new model?


This is the old model which requires the separate internet gateway if you want remote control. Also the TRVs are the mainland europe models which end up being upside down when fitted to our rads.


i have the newish energenie radiator stats and gateway - alot cheaper

Honeywell evohome starter kit (incl 3 trvs!) £230.00 @ Conrad Electronics
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Posted 24th May 2015Posted 24th May 2015
Honeywell evohome starter kit (incl 3 trvs!) £230.00 @ Conrad Electronics£230
wireless thermostat system which provides different zones within your home for saving on your heating bills. review here -… Read more

note this isn't the new wifi version. £they are 105 at b&q without any valve heads needs a wifi bridge if you want to use your phone


The energy companys love people like you, did you ever consider thermostatic rad valves?


Yes we did, we just left our house in 22.5 constantly.....


If you're saving £60 (Over 50%) from the original controls to evohome I'm assuming you just left heating on constant before, without a thermostat, otherwise that saving is crazy.


The controller and App gives you warnings on battery levels for each TVR, they tale AA batteries, we've put rechargeable in. We've had the system for 7 months and the batteries are still showing as full which is way better than I expected, I thought they would last 3-6 months but it's looking like 1-2 years or maybe more? either way, we'll just take all the batteries out on one day, charge the lot and wait till the next year. Not really an issue for the convenience it gives. For a family with kids this system is a life saver for us, our kids now how to change the temperature of their rooms using the little control panel on each TRV and we can use our phones from our bed, we're all at a temperature we're happy with and we're saving money, what's not to like?

eQ-3 Programmable TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) Head Qty 3 £29.99 (Free P&P) @ Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 29th Jan 2015Posted 29th Jan 2015
eQ-3 Programmable TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) Head Qty 3 £29.99 (Free P&P) @ Conrad Electronic UK£29.99
Less than £10 each seems like a good price for a retrofitable TRV head that allows you to programme temperature profiles across 7 days for individual radiators around the house. T… Read more

Ive got the same, 28mm valves not 30mm, did u find somewhere cheaper?


Gone up to £29.99 but P&P is now free.


Were a bit pain to initally setup as intruction not great. In end i didnt use any if the auto features setting just set to manual and set all temps i needed in each room and they work great. Can b bit noisey but u get used to it and its only short while. As i have them on manual they do still seems to randomly open and close even when heating is off but if i had time paten ice and instructions were clearer i'd set auto with times/days on/off


Thinking of getting these. Any comments now you guys have had them a while?


Thanks for this OP, can save a bit of moolah with this.

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4K LED TV 127 cm 50 " Blaupunkt B50C4K-TCS @ Conrad - £869.99
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Posted 20th May 2014Posted 20th May 2014
4K LED TV 127 cm 50 " Blaupunkt B50C4K-TCS @ Conrad - £869.99£869.99
Appears to be a 4K TV for not a lot of money. TV is described as a European model so cannot receive UK Freeview HD channels. Advertised price says delivery is excluded, but also sa… Read more
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I get what you're saying and agree slightly. The issue I have with 4K at the moment is some TV's, amps, etc. haven't even got HDMI 2.0 included, to me it's a bit like when "HD Ready" first came out and the "1080p" came out. I want a new good sized TV to last me 3-4 years when hopefully all the 4K is sorted. Also a decent 4K TV will cost more, I then need a new Amp which can pass through 4K then an upscaler Blu-Ray player so it'll cost me loads more than if I get this and wait. :)


A translated customer review suggests it won't take a 4k input...but will only upsale standard HD to 4k... This is colder than my ex wife visiting the south pole nude during its coldest spell.


£651.63 here EU delivery available


. The synopsis of a complete arce ?



Conrad wireless radiator TRV £19.95 + £6.99 delivery - £26.94 @ Conrad Electronic
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Posted 29th Mar 2014Posted 29th Mar 2014
Conrad wireless radiator TRV £19.95 + £6.99 delivery - £26.94 @ Conrad Electronic£26.94
These are great bits of kit allowing you to control the heating on each radiator remotely, either from a wall mounted thermostat £25 extra or via a PC or iphone /ipad using their n… Read more
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awesome idea, but by the looks of it, you also need the £43 wireless network box or the £25 controller before it will work.


which part of the system replace the wall thermostat to start the boiler?


You misunderstand what these are for. We have the Terrier I-temp versions and why they are great is because you can program each room to only be warm when you need it to be. I reckon they have paid for themselves within a year or so. Most very old CH systems have one single programmer and one thermostat. Newer systems tend to have two zones with two thermostats, but unless you only have two rooms this doesn't allow for a great deal of control over which rooms you heat, when. I replaced the two zone thermostats in our system with programmable thermostats which allows me to time control when and how warm each zone is. Then I replaced all the thermostatic valves with these, so each room is only warm when it needs to be - bedrooms at getting up and going to bed times and living rooms only when they are used. In our front room, which is rarely used, I have these valves on each radiator and control them with a wireless remote so that when we want to use the room we just push a button and the valves turn on. This is very handy but raises an issue - whilst you can control the valves wirelessly they are only single channel so you cannot control each room independently by remote. These may be an improved version where you can set each to a different channel, but I doubt it.


The only problem with these things is you need to have a remote thermostat for each room, otherwise there's not much advantage over a normal thermostatic radiator valve, certainly not enough to save the cost of the device over the average lifetime of a system. My entire gas bill for the year would cover only fitting these to half my house. I guess the big advantage is if you're lazy, don't have radiator thermostats, or have got used to a higher than needed temperature - actually seeing the temp, means you can physically choose to have a room 1 degree cooler, which barely noticeable will impact your energy consumption. As with a lot of energy saving devices, the real benefits are to be had only if you're already a heavy user of gas or electricity, otherwise the cost of energy to power them and the initial purchase cost, will often outweigh the benefits. mike


Great idea

EQ-3 Max Wireless Radiator system Valves £24.99 Thermostats £26 @ Conrad Electronic UK
275° Expired
Posted 6th Mar 2014Posted 6th Mar 2014
EQ-3 Max Wireless Radiator system Valves £24.99 Thermostats £26 @ Conrad Electronic UK£24.99
I have just installed EQ-Max a German system, works great and better than any of these so called automated systems. This system allows you to change your Danfoss (or other makes) a… Read more

You can control the boiler with the eQ-3 MAX! Switching Adapter Plug and also using a separate one for your hot water circuit, even easier if you can incorporate into each motorised valve. Both adapters can be controlled via the Max cube


I just had the Nest installed and it's brilliant, just like a manual one (if it aint broke) but with all the benefits of remote control, auto learning schedules etc etc.. it doesn't do hot water though!! mind you to be honest having our easy to use hot water programmer in the bathroom is better kept separate anyway. I might invest in a few of these to add to our bedrooms, I don't need the rad's to be on all the time, just in time for bed.


Just an update, I just got my 3 month bill from N-Power, direct debit reduced from 180 to 150, it has been a mild winter though. This is £360 a year which is less than it cost me to install.


No you don't need the wall thermostats. I have them because I want to ensure temperature in each room is correct. We have students who moan a lot if cold, They get 20 degrees an that's it.


This system is not for you. Can't suggest what to do

Basetech MZ-WF228 Key Finder (L x W x H) 59 x 29 x 16 mm £2.99 + £5.95 postage @ Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 9th Dec 2012Posted 9th Dec 2012
Basetech MZ-WF228 Key Finder (L x W x H) 59 x 29 x 16 mm £2.99 + £5.95 postage @ Conrad Electronic UK£2.99
Nice little prezzie and all you have to do to locate your keys or another item like your wife or hubby is attach this device and whistle,you know how to whistle dont you,you just p… Read more

My wife bought me one of these, it goes off at every single high pitched noise apart from when you whistle for it. If you have one on your keyring in the car it just keeps going off. Honestly, just don't waste even a pound


They had a pack of 2 of these in Poundland this week.


Not ATM,you could attach it to your other half though.


It says standard delivery is £5.95 which is a bit steep for such a small item,perhaps email them and ask for a new customer free delivery code for this very small item,worth a try.


Lol X) says postage free if you spend £67 !

ACME CarCamOne HD 720p £79.97 @ Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 5th Dec 2012Posted 5th Dec 2012
ACME CarCamOne HD 720p £79.97 @ Conrad Electronic UK£79.97
Not for everyone but a great piece of kit. Capture stunning footage on a scenic drive Guaranteed evidence in the event of an accident Time and date stamp saved directly in the vid… Read more

lmfao +1 :-)


Hey ringo,Your judging this **** the wrong way,this piece of kit is state of the art car cam:}


Python5 is spot on,Autoguard does pee on this deal from a great height.


Acme? Never mind the Flamedeer - where's The Roadrunner? (_;)


Well i know its £78.38 i would prefer in my pocket than on my window :-) at the end of the day its peoples personal choice, but if you have an android/iphone anyway. you just need a window mount which you can pick up cheap

Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover at Conrad Electronic UK
-42° Expired
Posted 28th Oct 2012Posted 28th Oct 2012
Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover at Conrad Electronic UK£8.97
Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover (W x H) 285 cm x 150 cm Highlights & details Protects front-side windows, mirrors and locks Ice-free windows in winter Description Protects you… Read more
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£5.20 no magnets, same job but with wing mirror covers too


It does 100% of the job, it's a window screen cover.


This reminds me of the moron on the argos website complaining about a slainless steel shower hose being made of metal gave it a 1 star review and said he will reurn it striaght away because metal rust, more to the point magnets dont have to be sharp and can work covered up by cloth


Blimey....I got a thermal shock once, pulled them up to tight!!


Corr be careful, quick way to crack the window through thermal shock!

AIV Line in car stereo adapter £6.97 @ Conrad Electronic UK (great if u have a radio in your car, like my wife)
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Posted 28th Oct 2012Posted 28th Oct 2012
AIV Line in car stereo adapter £6.97 @ Conrad Electronic UK (great if u have a radio in your car, like my wife)£6.97
Line-In adapter Highlights & details Play music from an MP3 or other portable media through your car stereo Description The low-cost alternative to buying an FM transmitter.… Read more

No it wouldn't


But an FM Transmitter is cheaper? £2.39 @ Amazon..


I would be wary, if using an aux input through a cd changer input you need a specialist interface like the "connects2" ones that are specific to the make and model - around £30 and for sd/usb interfaces go for around £50 on an auction site.


well what radio does your wife have


No merchant name in the title. Oh, and £5.95 delivery to add too

Asus M5A78L-M LX Motherboard (Micro ATX, Socket AM3+, 5200MT/S, DDR3, Core Unlocker) - £34.99 @ amazon
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Posted 21st Jun 2012Posted 21st Jun 2012
Asus M5A78L-M LX Motherboard (Micro ATX, Socket AM3+, 5200MT/S, DDR3, Core Unlocker) - £34.99 @ amazon£34.99
Good budget motherboard. CPU AMD AM3+ FX™/Phenom™ II/Athlon™ II/Sempron™ 100 Series Processors Supports CPU up to 95 W AMD Cool 'n' Quiet™ Technology * 32nm AM3+ CPU is supported … Read more

good buy as a base for a media orientated PC? looking to build a PC for the living room that will mainly be used for XBMC




M5A78L-M LX more detailed info. Also available @ PCWorld/Currys for £34.99 - Product available for home delivery only.

BOSCH ROTAK 43LI CORDLESS LAWNMOWER - £299.99 delivered + 5% QUIDCO @ Conrad
Posted 2nd Apr 2012Posted 2nd Apr 2012
BOSCH ROTAK 43LI CORDLESS LAWNMOWER - £299.99 delivered + 5% QUIDCO @ Conrad£299.99
Cordless lawnmower complete with 2 x 36v batteries. £399.95 on Amazon - £100 more expensive!! Bargin.
Get deal*Get deal*

Got mine in time for Easter @ £299,99 - the 2012 model with the revised handle. All Bosch battery models have now gone up in price everywhere, although I've no idea why


Tut tut conrad - pretending you have no stock yet still advertising at a massively inflated price. Conrad Electronic = D O D G Y


Price now showing as £629


Great price!


Still available here at £343.23 Your text here

Protective Car Cover  £23.90 Inc Delivered @ Conrad Electronics
-64° Expired
Posted 21st Feb 2012Posted 21st Feb 2012
Protective Car Cover £23.90 Inc Delivered @ Conrad Electronics£23.90
Fiat Uno, Ford Escort, Opel Kadett, VW Golf/Jetta etc. (No combinations ) Winter and summer resistant Water proof Washable.

how on earth can you see where you're going with that on your car??

Renkforce SD-tuner SD-3023 £29.95 + delivery at Conrad Electronic UK
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Posted 24th Jan 2012Posted 24th Jan 2012
Renkforce SD-tuner SD-3023 £29.95 + delivery at Conrad Electronic UK£35.40
Highlights •SD/MMC card slot •USB connection •Pre-amplifier output •Minimal installation depth Features: • Tuner: PLL-FM •RDS •Manual or automatic scanning •Automatic stati… Read more
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Cheers Mall. I'm having a good shufti. Plenty there for me, just got to decide now. :D


Then this is the one for you RENKFORCE BSD-3023 SD-TUNER Bluetooth and remote for the steering wheel


Aye but I want steering wheel remote an all. oO


Ive just one of these to replace my radio / cassette (came with the car) Its great for the money, alright it doesnt have bluetooth or a remote (thats the £50 one) BUT If its your first order you get a £5 off voucher which makes this just over £30 to buy Its got RDS, 24 mems, equalizer etc, takes up to 8gb SD card or HD drive via usb cable, 3.5mm MP3 input and mine just plugged in replacing what I had Good find


I've given up looking for a new radio. All I want is a DAB, SD card, steering wheel remote compatible and preset buttons. No one seems to make one. Am I really asking too much? oO

Fingerprint Access System FP260 - half price - £59.90 delivered @ Conrad Direct
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Posted 26th Nov 2010Posted 26th Nov 2010
Fingerprint Access System FP260 - half price - £59.90 delivered @ Conrad Direct£59.90
This looks interesting - good delivered price - use code 022041-89 on checkout to save £5 off £50 to get this price. Forgotten keys are a thing of the past. With the new FP260 syst… Read more
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You can add up to 25 users DUH!!!


How will santa get in?


LOL! Nearly spilled my coffee laughing at this :). I just hope you don't cut your fingers, or you'll need a cork :p


kewl i will use this to acces the loo in the house

LED safety flashing light - less than half price - £2.45 delivered @ Conrad Direct
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Posted 6th Sep 2010Posted 6th Sep 2010
LED safety flashing light - less than half price - £2.45 delivered @ Conrad Direct£2.45
Use the free delivery code to get this price. You can take the LED safety flashing light with you everywhere: Can be easily fastened with a belt clip and neon coloured armband. It'… Read more
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they are a German company with a pretty poor website and bad translational skills


This conrad direct has popped up on this site a few times latley. My interest suitably piqued, I did a quick google search and there they are. they even do 5% quidco. BUT. In large bold letters on their front page would-be customers are confronted with "Welcome at Conrad Electronic!" Hmmmmmmmm


it is part # 671583 - 89


link is dead. Where on the site is it?


Kiss your cool goodbye!

TL4 SUNBURST CHILDREN'S GUITAR (made from linden wood) £13.95 delivered using free delivery code @ Conrad Direct
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Posted 5th Sep 2010Posted 5th Sep 2010
TL4 SUNBURST CHILDREN'S GUITAR (made from linden wood) £13.95 delivered using free delivery code @ Conrad Direct£13.95
This looks suitable for a youngster interested in guitar playing. Very good delivered price. I think it is about half size. TL4 Sunburst children's guitar. Fantastic starter guitar… Read more
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Thanks for this great deal! It was featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


Managed to work it out!


Can anyone help me with where to put the free delivery code please??


Who? Makala ukulele or Linden Wood.


It could, but it would not be. The skills are transferrable, the uke is a real, playable instrument while this is a toy. What really worries me is that it claims to have 'steel strings'?! For £14. Agh! Good luck with this.