Contact Nintendo DS - £4.99
Contact Nintendo DS - £4.99

Contact Nintendo DS - £4.99

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Contact tells the story of a stranded alien professor and Terry, a young man accidentally caught up in the off-world scholar's plight. The story centres on a quest to find the scattered remnants of the professor's extra-terrestrial power-source, adding in a variety of sub-quests and an air of intrigue as shady, sinister parties are looking to find the scattered crystals for use in their own nefarious plans.

Complementing the plot are RPG mechanics of considerable depth, including real-time updating of statistics and abilities, as well as a wealth of items to discover and use. Levelling-up occurs as soon as the necessary experience has been gained, making for a
dynamic, continuous play experience in keeping with the game's real-time combat systems.


The usual invisible cold voters strike again.

Don't know anything about the game, but reviews seem fair enough and at this price appears to be a good bargain.

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8.0 Presentation
It’s a crazy concept, and it makes solid use of both DS screens in an interesting way. Contact is truly one of a kind.
7.5 Graphics
It has a solid look, but there’s nothing overly-impressive going on. The game’s backgrounds are by far the most impressive aspect.
6.5 Sound
It’s basic, but it works fine. There’s no character VO, but the soundtrack is solid nonetheless.
7.5 Gameplay
Stylus control feels great, but most of the battles will be watched rather than played. It’s a pure action-RPG with interesting quirks.
7.5 Lasting Appeal
Every step matters, every character can be killed. The game has a ton of items, skills, costumes, decal stickers, and a basic Wi-Fi extra. Solid.

good game

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