Contemporary Kitchen Mixer Tap £29.99 at Aldi

Contemporary Kitchen Mixer Tap £29.99 at Aldi

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Found 17th Jan 2011
Kitchen mixer tap, including fittings just £29.99 in store now at Aldi. Comes with a three year warranty.…htm
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Picked one up as I had a plumber round. He fitted it for free so pleased with it. Great price compared to B&Q.
Good price - will have to see if there's one in my local store..... I say "local".....
Could you please tell me if it moves from side to side?
Great tap for the price. Bought and fitted last year,

Great tap for the price. Bought and fitted last year,

Then why not answer the question if it swivels from justtootight
Bought this about three years ago from Aldi and it is exactly the same as the one now.
I had it fitted last november and have had problems with it.The tap keeps coming lose from under the sink and the mixer control comes lose. The red and blue cold and hot indicators keep falling out.
I can not recommend it. Spend a little more and get a better quality product. yes it swivels and comes lose from underneath the sink.

Fitted one of these at my parents house, lasted 3 months before it showed signs of chipping/corrosion around the spout, lasted another 3 months before developing a leak and has since been replaced by plumber. 9 months of mediocre use.

Good price but I wouldn't recommend as being good quality. Save yourself the hassle and cost of a plumber and buy a better quality one which will last longer.
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Save your money and buy something to last.
Agree with the above criticisms. I had two very similar cheapo mixer taps in our kitchen, and neither lasted longer than 18 months (the so-called ceramic cartridges seemed like they were actually plastic, and quickly began to leak).

Sadly, decent kitchen mixers seem to start at around 100 quid.
Mine were £70 in a half price deal
Bought the same one from Aldi Openshaw for £19.99 3 years ago, Great tap moves left and right but comes lose can be tightened, I keep mine in the same position.
Ditto - I bought an aldi tap on a similar offer. Had it for 3 years before I got around to using it (hence the warranty no good for me). Cartridge failed very quickly (about 12 months). Luckily i'd bought two (as i'd read reviews that they were better than they were!) so could just swap the cartridge (which is a dam sight easier than trying to replace the whole tap). Cant say i'd recommend it - but if you're going to get it - consider getting 2! as you will need to replace the cartridge quite quickly and plumbers merchants don't recognise which cartridge it is!
Just for a start im not offering to sell taps, however as i work in this industry then yes these cheapie taps are just that.
We do a range of taps with no quibble 10 yr warranties, and yes the 100 quid mark is about right as a start and these are superb value, especially if you cost a plumber in.
We do have a 250k diamond encrusted bath tap, but funnily enough never sold one yet
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I bought this exact same tap 2 years ago, It has leaked several times where it swivels, there is a plastic/nylon locking ring, that has broken, but this part is not available, and under the guarantee the full tap needed to be sent to Austria, at my cost, needless to say I didn't send it, but made a locking ring. "you only get what you pay for" springs to mind.
Thanks for the replies, maybe not be me then
Got one last year for 19.99. I can confirm it does move left and right, but it feels as though its not supposed to.
Not sure when I got mine, might have been early in 2010, and I haven't confirmed yet, but I thought it might have been leaking a bit around the lever area. Will check again later, but might get another anyway.
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