Continental 26" bike tyre reduced from £49 - £10 @ Halfords

Continental 26" bike tyre reduced from £49 - £10 @ Halfords

Found 7th Feb
Halford's Continental 26x2.2" folding tyre reduced from £49.99 to a tenner.Continental Race King RaceSport Folding Bike Tyre - 26" x 2.2"


For £50 a tyre i would expect the provision of someone to cycle it to wherever it was needed to be included as well.

Good reduction though.
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No stock

This order is not available for delivery


No stock

... and never £50, well, other than at Halfrauds.

rrp.seems to be around £23

Well 'inflated' rrp to start.

No stock anywhere joke

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£49.95 is probably a high pressure (sorry) sales price, but even allowing for inflation (sorry once again) it's a wheelie good price. Btw why did the bike lean against the wall? Because it was too tired (two tyred) Sorry once more.
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Laughable. No stock anywhere. Not really a deal.

"How much are your Continentals?"

"£49 each"

"But Halfords are selling them for £10"

"Why don't you just buy from them then"

"They don't have any stock"

"Well when I don't have any stock, they are £10 also"

OOS both delivery and collection

i wish they were out of stock of the other conti models of tyres on the rest of the site when i saw this, 4 tyres collected yesterday & 4 more arriving tomorrow ( if all goes well ) in 27.5 & 29 flavour, £9 each after british cycling, cant complain that much

well, yes i can, i was low on funds to begin with & the tyres aint helped in that regard, but too good to pass up as i needed some spare rubber for the 29er anyway , what really made me cry was the fact i saw they were tubeless ready when i collected em & erm, yeah, an hour later i was looking at an email telling me the bits & bobs needed to send all my bikes tubeless were on there way to me ( all bought at well below RRP from another supplier but still alot of money i could have done without spending just now - especially given that 1 of the bikes lives on a turbo trainer so erm, it dont really need to be tubeless lol )

Must resist coming on here as ur a bad influence on me - well at least until the bank balance looks much healthier again

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Thanks, couldn't get any Conti's but I got a pair of folding Panaracer Comets for £18 after British Cycling 10%. Would have cost more than double that + postage at cheapest places I can find.
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